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Easterndaze is a project that explores and highlights the best new music from Central and Eastern Europe through a variety of channels, including radio shows (London’s Resonance FM, Czech public radio station Radio Wave, Habitat.fm netradio), concerts (check our events), music releases (compilation and further planned releases on Audiotong and our new side-project, the BABA VANGA label) and this blog.

Easterndaze aims to explore the current political and social status quo in some of the countries in this region through the eyes of the ones most vulnerable to changes in society – young artists who are still under-the-radar. It’s not going to be a patronizing Western view on “hip” Eastern Europe, because we come from the East ourselves.

Easterndaze aims not only to raise the awareness about up-and-coming – mainly experimental and electronic – artists in the West, but more importantly, to increase the strikingly low informedness and foster cooperation between the Eastern European artistic scenes. 

Supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

We couldn’t do all of this so good as we do, without the friendly help and support from:

A4 - Zero Space
Baba Vanga
Berlinskej Model
International Visegrad Fund
Itchy Bit
Ministery of Culture of Slovak Republic
Moonride Festival
Novo Doba Festival
Poľský Inšitút Bratislava
Radio Wave
Rakouské Kulturní Fórum Praha
Resonance FM
Sperm Festival
Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
Stimul Festival
Tabačka Kulturfabrik
Tilos Radio
Tlis Radio

Please contact us at easterndaze ♥ itchybit ❂ org

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