Mangrove Mangrave - the end is the beginning is the end
1 year ago, 29 November 2012  ·   0 notes

November is a good month to make paranoid, haunting music. The liminal, doom-mongering are prone to merge with the greying skies, winter melancholy and mild seasonal depression. Somehow, Mangrove Mangrave do not seem to be exploiting this omnipresent sonic fashion for all things dark in a commercial, teleological way /at least I hope so/.

There is inner hope, of course of a more “fallen angel” kind unveiling elegies for the lost souls who yearn for a bit of redemption. “Cuts Too” breaks down, as if clouds suddenly let the feeble rays of sunshine through, a scant rhythm emerges. “Looker Tree” is a mirror-like tunnel, a reverbed fairytale. With its cryptic song titles, Mangrove Mangrave doesn’t offer resolutions, just a hypnotic stream of sound, deep, melancholic.

The release is part of Mik Musik's Foucauldian nameless

Sonically, all the releases under this umbrella - such as RSS Boys /read our review here/ or PAWEL PESEL /our review/, have embraced the odd, strange and mangled rhythms, a sonic stamp that has emerged with the greatly resurrected Polish imprint.

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