Stroon / Stratasoul - Molotov Heart Coctail / Lowitzer (selfreleased, 2011)
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Molotov Heart Cocktail / Lowitzer EP is a militant sonic manifesto by Bratislava's upcoming synth-fi gang, whose main protagonists are Stratasoul (Dalibor Hriadeľ) and Stroon (Dalibor Kocian). Stratasoul, a long-time DJ and producer (check out his collab with Slovakia’s raper Bene) is also one of the promoters behind the Bratislava’s acclaimed MOOV club nights. Stroon is a multi-faceted musician, with many ties to projects ranging from group improvisations (Frutti di Mare, Musica Falsa et Ficta) to the beat-based future-funk collaboration Polyjoy/Femoxema. Recently he also started touring with the Slovak electro-pop band PPE as well as co-founded the Cluster Ensemble dedicated to interpretations of modern classical music.

Stroon - Molotov Heart Cocktail (Stratasoul Remix) by stratasoul

The production of Stroon & Stratasoul incorporate influences that range from house and soul to wonky, glitchhop and bass - the EP presents multidimensional sonic assemblages revolving around the topic of love. Stroon's Molotov Heart Cocktail is an euphoric but distorted memory of a club where everybody has their hands up. Reality, twisted by various substances, is penetrated by a steady beat, accompanied by Stroon's trademark distorted walls of synth. Stratasoul's romantic gangster glitchhop overlaid by dancehall snares climaxes in an epic refrain with vortexes of pitch-shifted vocals that decompose in cascades of echoes. As for the remixes - Stroon and Stratasoul's method of choice here is cut-up, resulting in some pretty complex and polyrhythmic tunes.

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