SFA005 - Zelený Antoin
1 year ago, 4 March 2013  ·   2 notes


Recorded at our Easterndaze event in Brno in 2011, and in summer 2013 at Bratislava’s FUGA, a psychedelic, post-punky noise-driven journey into disquieting sonic realms, is now being released as a free download by the Czech netlabel Signals from Arkaim. The audio instantly brings recollections of the dinghy environs of the Boro club, where Antoin unleashed his psychedelic voyage, on a bleak autumn night. Rewind to 2013, and the live set, devoid of the nocturnal environs, stands as an epic set that oscillates between post-punk through ambient and noise.

Get it here.

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Fuka Lata - Waterfal live at Easterndaze vs Uši Vítr in Brno
3 years ago, 18 October 2011  ·   6 notes

A live rendition of Waterfal a track by our friends Fuka Lata from Warsaw, as recorded at our Easterndaze meets Uši a Vítr gig at the Boro Club in Brno, Czech Republic on 6 October 2011.

Fuka Lata - Waterfal live at Easterndaze by easterndaze

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