B.ATL - SKTCH EP /aka a glitchy disorientation, electronics exploration/
1 year ago, 14 February 2013  ·   2 notes


When we visited Macedonia’s capital Skopje, the punkish Kanal 103 radio, located in the socialist remnant of a building surrounded by a police station and a hooker strip, it seemed like the place where anyone making anything worthwile sonically, congregated. Running their own shows, playing concerts, etc.

One of the guys who works there is B.ATL, part of the Disphilharmonia collective, IDM inspired dissonant digital noiseniks. Here, he comes solo with a broken, glitchy offering, which recalls the heyday of the genre in the 90’s, but somehow follows its own path, to disorienting, almost lucid effect.

Free download.

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b.aTL: Gentle Mind EP
2 years ago, 21 November 2011  ·   14 notes

The title of b.aTL's new record is slightly misleading, although for those in love with fucked up broken structures, twisted beats, squelches and squeaks, there's no denying of this sonic quality. Released on the Macedonian label Greenfields, an online platform for music, photography, graphic design, illustration or new media, Aleksandar Baldazarski’s latest release reaffirms his affinity for IDM-inspired sonic structures, spearheaded by Autechre, but injecting it with his own aesthetic.

Aleksandar is a member of the fledgling laptop ensemble Disphilharmonia, active on the Skopje scene and the brilliant radio Kanal 103 which we had a chance to visit (check back here later for a podcast of our guerrilla style Kanal 103 takeover and some words about the Macedonian electronic/experimental music scene)

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Listening Lectures w/ Avoided & Marin
2 years ago, 8 July 2011  ·   45 notes

Bratislava’s underground electronic scene prepares a special gig for Monday:


visual by marin

Avoided: Hangover Pop by uchylord ₩│╬₵├┤₴╟╢│╒╥Ɇʁ - You Came To My Party Depressed As A Shadow by uchylord Nihil Buldozer: Igor mortis by uchylord

More on this Monday dementia (in Slovak) @ Radost music club, Bratislava, 11th of July »

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Unrest II by Teapot (incl. remixes by Stroon, Stratasoul, etc)
2 years ago, 28 June 2011  ·   21 notes

A new EP by Slovak producer Teapot is due out in July on the Czech label Eclectica with remixes by Slovakia’s prime wonky/post-dubstep producers Stratasoul and Stroon and the Czech producer Blue. Here is a small preview of what to expect:

Unrest II [teaser] by _teapot_

ps. Teapot writes: "It is number II, the first Unrest was released some time ago on Gergaz rec. netlabel. It is built around the same piano sample, however i work with it in a completely different way.”

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