Paweł Kulczyński / Czarny Latawiec - Split
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The split between two of Poland’s leading electronicians appears on a slightly lesser renowned, but nonetheless noteworthy imprint - compared the Sangoplasmo or Mik Musik - called simply BDTA after its owner Michal Biedota. Paweł Kulczyński, better known under his nom de plume Wilhelm Bras, has mastered his modular synth, tweaking and twisting them to get an undiluted analogue extract building and adding new sounds and layers, usually ending in a technoid rhythmachinism. The recording on this split was taken at the Canti Illuminati festival, an emerging, Wroclaw-based independent event happening roughly quarterly.

It’s kind of work in progress snapshot as I’m trying to shape the territory of my interest, not an easy job, since there’s a lot of low quality ‘experimental’ music around, quite possibly mine included,” he says. “Each time it is really different, as I’m shaping the set freely. My initial hope was to make a dialogue with some drony field recordings I made in the country side last summer, including noisy harvesters’ sound bounced back from the hills, huge swarms of birds, close-up recs of bees foraging on the big pile of rotting fruits etc.”

The other side of the release is in command of Czarny Latawiec, a very interesting, and so far underrated Polish producers, whose mangled chopped-and-screwed offerings have previously appeared on Mik Musik (more about it here). Compared to the high octane stuff we have been used to from him, his Pradziady is dark and sinister, paranoid in a subtle way, as the austere slabs of piano emerge, accompanied by male samples, building up slowly and mercilessly.

Both of the tracks are experimental in a BBC Radiophonic Workshop kind of way, there is something old-school and timeless at the same time in this release - especially Latawiec’s part, conjuring images of mad sound scientists experimenting with different sonic ventures in their time-forgotten studio/lab, a genuine no-frills sound adventure

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PL2UA - From Poland to Ukraine with <3
7 months ago, 22 February 2014  ·   4 notes

PL2UA compilation is an expression of solidarity and support of Polish musicians for people who suffer as a result of clashes in the Ukraine. By providing their music in digital form, the artists want to help those in need and those that require support. Independent can be understood in two ways: on the one hand as an independent music scene, and on the other as the independent Ukraine which is fought for by its people. Polish artists are supported by several artists from other countries of Eastern Europe, uncluding some Ukrainians as well. All tracks have been made available by the artists free of charge, most of them previously unreleased or prepared exclusively for this compilation.”

The compilation follows in the footsteps of a Ukrainian one, which appeared a little while ago, also in support of the opposition of the status quo that sparked the protests. PL2UA features an astonishing 53 - and growing - tracks mostly - but not exclusively - electronic and dance-oriented, with many local labels participating. Some of the tracks even bear titles expressly connected to the purpose of this compilation - such as Ghosts of Breslau's - Kiev, Haunted, newcomer Zamilska's Dissent or Lights Dim's Echoes of an Ongoing Riot . Compilations such as these aim to document a time, an ad hoc sonic manifesto, the connection between music and politics is very fragile and complex, but as they say every little helps (unfortunately a certain supermarket brand owns this phrase already, but who cares).

You can get the compilation, whose proceeds go to organisations helping Ukraine, here.

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The chimerical techno of RSS Boys remixed by Pawel Pesel and Mangrove Mangrave
1 year ago, 22 April 2013  ·   2 notes

RSS Boys linger in secret, though they recently appeared on the Wire Tapper CD, their identity or whereabouts remain cloaked in a veil of mystery, aside from the fact that they release their prolific output /their latest album proper appeared in March/ on the acclaimed Mik Musik! and are part of their Secret Editions, alongside artists like Pawel Pesel /whose great release Ekscentryzm was released last year/ or Mangrove Mangrave whose release is equally pleasing the adventurous ear. All of them share a certain kind of sonic aesthetics taking its cues from slow, mangled techno and psychedelic atmospherics. Something that would fit well at 7am in a dark, spartan-like venue, where bodies writhe with amphetamine comedown, devoid of basic humane functions, responding to primordial elements of music, the kick, the bass.

Though it is not to say the music is simple, it just emanates from those corners of the dancefloors that eschew the testosterone like relentlessness in favour of the chimerical, opaque and sometimes, as is evident in these two reworkings, which were released as part of the Record Store Day on Saturday, 20 April, even ethereally cheerful. The RSS Boys remixes is an ongoing project that keeps expanding, so follow their Bandcamp page for further additions.

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RSS Boys, the enigmatic project emerged last year as part of Mik Musik's Secret Editions series. Their quirky techno has already caught our ears with their debut release, and recently, their track appeared on a Wire Tapper CD. They revel in cryptic song titles, whilst the music follows in a rhythmic, technoid trajectory to trance-enducing psychotropic effect.

The sophomore release is not as relentless as the first, with introspective and uncanny atmospheres interspersed, ushering the listener into deep, hypnotic territories, let’s be lazy and call it opium techno. There are slower, polyrythmic outings, as well as classic unrelenting RSS material, prominent bass, even oriental patterns. This is experimental techno at its best!

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Wilhelm Bras - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - DIY analogue noodling
1 year ago, 18 February 2013  ·   0 notes


Mik Musik has revamped itself last year with a slew of releases, mysteriously titled, and following in a gritty, psychedelic danceable vein. Mostly part of its super secret anonymous edition, acts like RSS Boys, Mangrove Mangrave or PAWEL PESEL, have pursued a wonky, exploratory techno direction, without utilising many of the usual genre tropes.

The new installment of Mik’s new sonic policy is Wilhelm Bras /Pawel Kulczynski, a musician and sound artist/, an avid analogue synth enthusiast, who builds his own machines, a neo alchemist of sound. His new album - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for your home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable /in our universe, that is/.

Find out more about Wilhelm /Pawel/ on Wednesday on our regular weekly show for Radio Wave, live stream at 11:20 and 16:20 /CET/.

You can listen to our interview for our weekly Radio Wave show Vychodiska below.

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