Wilhelm Bras - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - DIY analogue noodling
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Mik Musik has revamped itself last year with a slew of releases, mysteriously titled, and following in a gritty, psychedelic danceable vein. Mostly part of its super secret anonymous edition, acts like RSS Boys, Mangrove Mangrave or PAWEL PESEL, have pursued a wonky, exploratory techno direction, without utilising many of the usual genre tropes.

The new installment of Mik’s new sonic policy is Wilhelm Bras /Pawel Kulczynski, a musician and sound artist/, an avid analogue synth enthusiast, who builds his own machines, a neo alchemist of sound. His new album - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for your home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable /in our universe, that is/.

Find out more about Wilhelm /Pawel/ on Wednesday on our regular weekly show for Radio Wave, live stream at 11:20 and 16:20 /CET/.

You can listen to our interview for our weekly Radio Wave show Vychodiska below.

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Piotr Kurek takes us for an audio ride in Lyon
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Piotr Kurek is one of the most fascinating emitters of ear-pleasing compositions that we have come across. The Warsaw-based musician recontextualizes his aural inspirations ranging from tropicalia, US psychedelia or Polish jazz into singular results. His latest album, the warmly received and now sold out Heat, is out on Digitalis

We have asked Piotr, who is currently in France, to send us his audio diary, a snapshot of his momentary environment. He sent us a documentation of his journey to a concert in Lyon. Supposedly simple, but when you delve in, it sucks you in, a vertigo, an acousmatic trip. 

Listen to our Radio Wave (Vychodiska, our show on this Czech Radio station, is on every Wednesday at 11:20 and 16:20)  interview with Piotr about his musical beginnings, his acclaimed album Heat and Warsaw.

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Zenial and his Connection Reset by Peer
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The Polish producer Lukasz Szalankiewicz is active on the experimental music scene almost a decade, mostly under his nickname Zenial. His music career started when the young Szalankiewicz joined the demoscene, a community of programmers and artists that created small audiovisual softwares called demos.

He has a new LP out right now, Connection Reset by Peer, which was released by the polish label Zoharum. It contains compositions created by the electromagnetic interference technique. For the end of the year, Zenial has another release in store, this time a vinyl which will contain not only compositions inspired by Czech hermetic magician Franz Bardon but also special digital tracks of old school PC software created by Zenial and his collaborators. 

His aural experiments ooze an otherwordly atmospherics, as if ghosts yearned to escape from his lingering audio abyss. Clicks, beeps, field recordings, disembodied “voices” all compose Zenial’s sonic world.

Listen to our interview with him (aired on 30 May 2012 on Czech Radio Wave)

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2k11 in music
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The December selection of tracks is a special look back at the last year in music of Eastern Europe. Originally produced as a Xmass Special for the Czech national radio channel 4 - Radio Wave, we offer you the show without words, to enjoy one more look back at 2k11. From synthy sonic voyages to Hungarian lofi, to modern Slovak dance, to Polish urban sonics, to Czech “witch house”, to Serbian electro and beyond. Take a ride.

December/2k11 Shizz by Easterndaze on Mixcloud

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