Laura Luna - Isolarios
1 month ago, 13 August 2014  ·   15 notes

Laura Luna de Castillo is a Mexican multimedia artist living in Prague. Composing tracks and working with sound are her means of bringing forth imaginary atmospheres. Laura Luna's debut record Isolarios is Baba Vanga's next release.

“I started experimenting with making sound and music about a year ago, after an experience that made me aware of sound as a powerful enhancement to memories and narratives,” she says. “First I started to pay attention around me and to record with whatever I had available those sounds that where triggering emotions or fragments of memories. Later on when i became more sensitive to the richness, tones and changes in the sounds i began to construct my own sounds to describe what I had in my imagination of certain mental scenes and stories.”

Isolarios is an immersive experience, utilising sound as an emotion activator, inviting the listener into a self-contained world where repressed or half-forgotten memories resurface blurring the border between half-conscious and dream states, a sort of somnambulist soundtrack. “The way I started making each track was always inspired by an imaginary atmosphere, after reading and seeing many kinds of media that triggered certain feelings like longing, memory, melancholy and solitude but always immersed in a foggy fantasy and mellow drowsiness,” she says. Feedback, error and accidental programming come to the forefront here, layers of swirling melodies are scattered with field recordings and voices.

Inspired by science fiction stories about lost cosmonauts and expeditions without return, magic realism and the works of Italo Calvino, Laura’s output is drenched in romanticism, but of a – sublimely - tragic kind.

You can listen to the album, which is out now on Baba Vanga on Monday, 18 August 2014 on cassette, in its entirety here:

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Traveling around Sun, Slavic and Surreal: Jonáš Gruska - Солнце
9 months ago, 5 December 2013  ·   4 notes


Jonáš Gruska is a Bratislava-based sound artist working under several guises - for instance the audiovisual project Binmatu, mastering engineer and label owner. His many activities revolve around sound - its physicalities, propensities and possibilities. He tweaks it, squeezes it, hypnotizes with it. His latest self-released work is dedicated to ”Sun, Slavic and Surreal.”

Consisting of four compositions, Солнце follows in the footsteps of his excellent release on Cyland Audio Archive, but compared to this, his latest material is calm and composed, none the less haunting though. The twenty-one minute release is a solar drone morphing almost unnoticeably, operating on the liminal zones of consciousness, emanating from outside of this world, archaic/ritualistic and timeless at the same time.

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Nava Spatiala’s - noisenautics Vol​.​4
11 months ago, 2 November 2013  ·   0 notes

The Romanian project Nava Spatiala, whose Miron Ghiu has done a fantastic remix for fellow Romanians Somnoroase Pasarele whose album ABECD appeared our Baba Vanga label, are one of the proselytizers of dark techno and its industrial, offbeat guises championed by Downwards’ Samuel Kerridge or Blackest Ever Black.

They hover between the eerie, paranoid territory of narcoleptic soundscapes, industrial and meandering atmospherics. Self-proclaimed “noisenautics”, Nava Spatiala is a duo “relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum.” Much like psychonauts with “mind-altering substances”, Nava Spatiala are experimenting with mind-altering sonics, delivering a haunting, disembodied world devoid of any hope and solace, but which is at the same time hypnotizing and hard to leave. The drone-tastic tracks are a journey - both figuratively and literally - ranging from 6 to 18 minutes.

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Imre Kiss - Midnight Wave /Farbwechsel, 2013/
12 months ago, 2 October 2013  ·   6 notes

Farbwechsel has become a staple and a nurturing umbrella for several up-and-coming Hungarian producers, acting as a catalyst for the diverse and noteworthy Budapest electronic scene of the last two years with Martin Mikolai at its helm, who produces music under his moniker S Olbricht. The Opal Tapes artist has also created a specific sound - hazy, dance-oriented and nostalgic, which have also been translated on the output of his own imprint. This is only reinforced with their latest record, the aptly entitled Midnight Wave, is a journey through nocturnal electronics, hazy and ethereal, lingering in the fissures between the consciousness of the day and unconsciousness of the night. 

I was around 13 when my dad bought me some obscure music making software, at about same time I’d been studying Verdi’s Aida at school. I thought it would be fun to make a remix of it which ended up sounding like some mental rave. I made a tape of it and took it back to school the next day. My music teacher hated it but I never looked back,” he told us in an interview. And indeed, he hasn’t. Certain musical practices, like sampling, feature in his latest record as well. Kiss’ output oscillates between the /narcoleptic/ dance-oriented and the ambient-like listening stuff, and mixes and merges in between. Thus, perhaps it could be called the “4 AM wave”. The EP also includes remixes by fellow lo-fi house-head Best Available Technology.

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S Olbricht - Deutsch Amerikanische Tragödie /Opal Tapes, 2013/
1 year ago, 16 June 2013  ·   1 note


Martin Mikolai, S Olbricht, is one of the staples of the burgeoning new Budapest electronic scene, which manages to thrive inspite or thanks to the alarming political and societal situation in this country, as the label head of the Farbwechsel imprint, that has been championing and releasing several noteworthy musicians since its inception a couple of years ago. Martin studies electronic music and media at the academy in southern Hungary in Pécs.

Though his own music, especially under the S Olbricht moniker - he also has several musical collaborations, for instance the hardware-driven SILF - shies away from sonic academism, and instead favours the emotional, a lo-fi romanticism that’s geared for the body and heart.

His latest release is out on the acclaimed Opal Tapes imprint, and fits in here perfectly, it sounds as if it was tailor-made for the lo-fi dance imprint.

Injected with customary oddness, but with enough danceability, it sounds as if it was played through a subaquatic speaker. In a way, it follows in a similar path as OT’s label boss’ Basic House, with its predilection for ambient-like soundscapes, abstract sonispheres and ephemeral atmospherics, it never gets heavy, it floats and seduces. DAT is a journey cloaked in an opium haze. 

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