State of Emergency: Dizzcock’s AL
3 days ago, 16 September 2014  ·   3 notes

Whereas in his other project, Lightning Glove, the sense of urgency and pervasive feeling of impending omen, was created largely via the lyrics of his brother, the editor of one of the few proudly modern left-wing Czech magazines A2larm Jan, Ondřej makes a statement on his new solo record via the sonic. Apart from the anodyne “This is an emergency” sample in the second track, though the rolling bass professes this with heightened sense of paranoia. 

Though my favourite are probably the atmospheric and languid two versions of The Call. Slow with a gradual build up, an anticipation of a digital storm.

His debut solo album AL was inspired by the 90ties computer game System Shock, which offers a pessimist version of the future, where technologies enslave humans. 

The release comes out on the label he co-founded, called Red For Color Blind, and apart from original tracks, also encompasses remixes by Czech and international artists, including Gnod’s Dwellings, the grime producer Filter Dread as well as Czech projects Střed Světa and Space Love, who strip the source material off its inherent darkness and replace it with their own idiosyncratic quirky touches - in case of Střed Světa, resulting in a manic lysergic voyage which he commands like the Wizard of Oz. 

"The message is in the nature of how the theme was processed. It has a certain narrative, it is tribal, bass-driven and futuristic, at times grime-like," says Ondřej Bělíček aka Dizzcock. "In grime music, futurism looks into the future, which thanks to technology, escapes the doom and gloom. On my album, it is the other way, it is a futurism, which is dystopian. Technology enslaves you,"

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Kucharczyk’s Best Fail Remixes
5 months ago, 4 April 2014  ·   1 note

Wojciech Kucharczyk is one doyens of Polish electronic music scene, as well as visual artist and a graphic designer. Operating his Mik Musik sonic empire since 1994 (!), Kucharczyk is a tireless evangelist, championing new artists (recently, notably including modular wizard Wilhelm Bras or the idiosyncratic Czarny Latawiec), and his zeal has been reinforced two years ago, when he resurrected the Polish imprint to present an exciting new sound of the Polish underground.

He is also an accomplished musician, most renowned for his Complainer percussive combo ensemble, which has been moribund since a few years, leaving Kucharczyk space to focus on his solo output. Interestingly, it has been appearing mostly on other Polish labels, recently on the respected Monotype Rec. His Best Fail Compilation, published on the aforementioned imprint, now receives a remix treatment, courtesy of friends and affiliates. Thus, we get an insider’s view into who’s who in contemporary Polish electronics. “Lot of old and new artists were invited, some more are coming. I wanted this to be a really crazy bunch, but more or less we have rather standard remixes, but: there is a plan to make a mixtape out of theses remixes, i will do another rework of those etc. so craziness will come and it should be released on a tape. I hope it will,” says Kucharczyk.

The usual suspects are all there, Czarny Latawiec, Zamilska, RSS Boys, 8rolek, KROL, GAAP KVLT, but there are also a couple of names which have eclipsed our attention so far, including Souvenir de Tanger or Micromelancolié. There’s lot of bass, lot of techno, post-dance experiments, plenty of noodling, demented samples and whatnot. A hypnotic, shamanistic journey through the murkier side of the nocturnal clubland.

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Space bass: Big Tiger – Music from Planet Earth EP
1 year ago, 6 September 2013  ·   7 notes

On September 5th Bulgarian electronic duo Big Tiger launch their second release - “Music from Planet Earth” EP, courtesy of Australian label DRTY SHDWS PRJKT.

Exactly 36 years earlier NASA launched their Voyager spacecraft in an inspiring attempt to explore the depths of our Solar System and hopefully communicate with potential alien lifeforms by means of the famous Golden Record containing the Sounds of Earth.

“Music from Planet Earth” doesn’t simply take its name after its predecessor; it carries a special message, too:

It’s a celebration of the power and love that the Earth is always giving us. People have been looking for this in the stars, but it’s right beneath their feet. This is where our inspiration comes from - real things like nature and the human experience, which have an endless depth and beautiful mystery of their own.” – Big Tiger

The EP consists of 4 tracks that were recorded over a 4-day studio session in Manchester, but the ideas and inspiration behind it spring from the world of the esoteric and spiritual. The duo admits that meditation and contact with nature play a vital role in their creative process, which becomes evident at first listen. While undoubtedly dancefloor-oriented, the EP emanates a sense of inner peace and harmony with nature through its thumping 4x4 heartbeat, warm melodies and softly whispered vocals singing about a “world of dreams where we are dancing and we are free”. The neo-hippie spirit is further fostered by the use of field recordings of sounds of nature, however my personal favourites are the lean, beautifully simple “Sport” and the 2-step-ish “Sacred” with its trickling percussions and groovy bassline.

Big Tiger are two of the guys behind the mysterious Bulgarian label WTF is SWAG. Mojo Goro and Hempsta come from quite different backgrounds – one started as a breakcore producer and the other used to play the drums until fate crossed their paths at a warehouse party in Sofia on Halloween 2010.

Three years later, Big Tiger have developed their signature style and are finally delivering their unique vibes into the ever expanding world of electronic music. “Music from Planet Earth” will be followed by a remix EP and a cassette release later this year, so stay locked.

by Snezhana Bezus

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Zomblaze - New Age (2013, Chi Recordings)
1 year ago, 21 February 2013  ·   0 notes


We featured the Hungarian beatsmith Zomblaze on our first compilation back in 2011. His sample and bass-heavy abstract hiphop was released by Chi Recordings last year. Now he is back with 6 more tracks.

New Age EP presents a more mellow side of Zomblaze’s production, with lush, almost jazzy vocals on the first track Breath Deep, followed by smooth and deep grooves of the cinematic Stratosphere, pulsating night-time uncertainty of the Lynch Theme, culminating with the emotive and nostalgic banger Hundian with Zomblaze’s trademark messed-up and twisted synths rising and falling from a Hungarian folk song.

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WTF is SWAG presents: Foggy Mountain EP
1 year ago, 11 February 2013  ·   4 notes
After the brilliant EAT DESSERT FIRST compilation that highlighted the end of last summer, the WTF is SWAGbrigade are back on track to hit us with a fresh dose of bass-heavy vibes.

Foggy Mountain EP is a split project between two talented young producers – Bulgarian Lenard and Hungarian oneone, including 4 original tracks and 5 remixes.

Opening “Foggy Morning” and “All to you” reveal the hazy sound of Lenard – a chilled-out, languid take on the 140 bpm recipe commonly known as dubstep. In both tracks you’re in for the classic “rolling beats + resonating basslines” combo, which is elegantly counterpointed by a rich ambient atmosphere in the first, and a flowing synth culminating in an emotional vocal sample in the latter. A peculiar trippy calmness dominates throughout and is further intensified by the verbless titles – a paysage and an abstract notion – leaving the listener to drift within these sonic realms guided solely by his or her own conscience.

In between, you’ve been bitchslapped back into reality by the sensibly more aggressive oneone, whose “Make a Mountain” and “Hit Me” instantly pull you to your feet. Bubbling tension bursts into sinister booty-rattling tropicalia where bouncing cocktail umbrellas and banana-leaf skirts join a relentless last dance in the face of an impending tsunami. Just as intricate, oneone’s sound is definitely more club-oriented, thus perfectly balancing out the more meditative other half of the EP.

Personal favourites from the remixes part include Bulgarian Hempsta and Norwegian Katraven’s takes on “Hit Me”. Hempsta’s remix is a beautifully simple classic 2-step garage dancefloor bomb, while Katraven’s rework traps you in a slow jam feather-light fantasy world, progressing into the unknown.

True to their hype tradition, the WTF is SWAG crew dropped a preview of the EP a couple of days ago, along with a high-in-the clouds video. In both, a seductive smiling female voice guides you through the music.

Foggy Mountain EP is out on 1 March as a digital release.

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