Alley Catss - Withdwr
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14-year old Hungarian producer Alley Catss, whose music and overall attitude towards the world seem to be centered around nothing, released his latest batch of sonic weirdness earlier this month.

Withdwr is a collection of 8 beautifully crafted experimental lullabies that will soothe your ears and brain with their raw, unpolished softness.

From the opening “Enter”, the listener is drawn into a whirlpool of sounds that reveal a remarkably effortless, yet careful take on composition. I’ve always had my reservations for booming, overcompressed music (this boy seems to use a lot of compression in his tracks if I’m not mistaken?). It can occupy way too much space between your ears to let you enjoy it. Curiously, this is not the case here. Even faster, noisier pieces like “Memory” or “Flowers” don’t have that jarring, disturbing feel we can often experience with this kind of experimental electronica.

Actually, if there is anything someone may find unsettling about Alley Catss, it has to be his frail age. Yet, it may well be the reason why his music feels so lush and alive, unburdened by the numerous (un)conscious influences and perceptions that tend to pile up as years go by. So my advice is close your eyes and take a dip in this bubbling youthful spring. Playfulness like this is always welcome.

By Snezhana Bezus

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Wilhelm Bras - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - DIY analogue noodling
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Mik Musik has revamped itself last year with a slew of releases, mysteriously titled, and following in a gritty, psychedelic danceable vein. Mostly part of its super secret anonymous edition, acts like RSS Boys, Mangrove Mangrave or PAWEL PESEL, have pursued a wonky, exploratory techno direction, without utilising many of the usual genre tropes.

The new installment of Mik’s new sonic policy is Wilhelm Bras /Pawel Kulczynski, a musician and sound artist/, an avid analogue synth enthusiast, who builds his own machines, a neo alchemist of sound. His new album - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for your home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable /in our universe, that is/.

Find out more about Wilhelm /Pawel/ on Wednesday on our regular weekly show for Radio Wave, live stream at 11:20 and 16:20 /CET/.

You can listen to our interview for our weekly Radio Wave show Vychodiska below.

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WTF is SWAG: Bulgarian beats beckon
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If there is any place in the world where the overuse of “swag” has lead to something productive it must be Bulgaria. Marked by its history of 500 years under the Ottoman rule, followed by a fair share of Communism, the country is now an absurd amalgam of past, present and future.

Art and culture are peculiar things to explore here. Our own breed of turbofolk, known as chalga, has monopolized local music industry in pretty much the same octopus-like way as corruption - the state, but underneath its thick blanket you can find young people digging all sorts of unpopular music to form what’s actually a quite diverse sonic landscape.

WTF is SWAG started in the late summer of 2011, naturally as a joke alluding to the popular slang. It united several friends who loved making music and saying “SWAG”. Couple of months later, they delivered their first baby – a self-released compilation. WTF is SWAG VA appeared with a bang in a limited number of 50 CDs and showcased experimental beats and electronica by 1000names, Parallel Concept, Hempsta, Dr. Shade, HiБЯiD (RIP) and Mojogoro. Almost a year later, the second installment launched at a party in club Vlaikova – the capital’s oasis for creative, forward-thinking people, good drinks and alternative club electronica - boasts twice as a big a selection of artists that spread beyond the borders of Bulgaria, with foreign highlights including Filtercutter, Polyklinik and GANG$IGN$. EAT DESSERT FIRST is a deluxe limited 100 copies cassette edition, and it practically sold out within 1 week of its release.

While all of the artists you see on board can be loosely described as beatmakers, each of them has their own peculiar twist on the genre.

Mojogoro – a multifacetted, multitalented artist, designer and music activist - is the driving force behind the WTF is SWAG project. On vol.1 he has 3 tracks under 3 aliases, ranging from squeaky sexy electro to drunken hip hop (the Energetic Slash collaboration with graffiti artist Goat), while on vol. 2 he’s already exploring the sticky realms of trendy trap. He’s also the mastermind that curated the compilation and the one responsible for picking up the artists and tracks included on each volume.

1000names have been well-known abroad for a long time as beatsmith pioneers, with their signature mellow cosmic groove. So is Balkansky – the idm/dubstep alter ego of drum&bass monster Cooh – bringing you, as his name suggests, vibes inspired by the beauty of Bulgarian nature and the Balkan Mountains.

These two are undoubtedly the most commercially successful acts on the compilations, and their presence and support have two important aspects: apart from contributing their fair share of music, they attract more local attention to what could have otherwise passed as unnoticed or an under-appreciated release. The audiences here have never too curious.

Parallel Concept is a free beatmaker and sound explorer who has been attracted by music ever since he was a child. His production possesses a perverse electro twist while soaked with a dark, cold feel of anxiety and apocalypse. He’s been collaborating with the local visual artist and filmmaker Vitto Valentinov for his debut album “Critical Mass”, which is now completed and waiting to be released. Parallel Concept is currently residing in Berlin.

Hempsta is an up-and-coming producer who’s yet to fully reveal his talent. A graffiti artist and drummer, he’s been recently experimenting with electronic music using vintage hardware. His early works display an alternative, glitchy interpretation of dubstep, but he’s also attracted by juke and phat bouncy beats – definitely a name to watch!

Dr. Shade is the evil beats alias of one of the oldest and most prominent producers here – The Bulgarian. He started DJing and making music as early as the late 90s and with many releases and remixes has established a name for himself as an underground house and electro innovator. His take on beats is marked by the same groovy, bumpy vibe that is typical for the rest of his music.

HiБЯiD was probably the most talented and inspired by Bulgarian context beatmaker. Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away this summer and never saw the release of EAT DESSERT FIRST, which features a track by his collaborative project Medea in KOCMOC. As his name suggests, his music is a mixture of analogue and digital sound, often combining samples from old Balkanton vinyl with heavy shifted beats, bass and synths plus effects and anything else you could think of. He believed that the local scene could be pushed forward only if there is a place where like-minded people can gather and share/create new ideas and music. His legacy remains with us.

So…WTF is SWAG in the end?

A dumb question with a philosophical twist…or a drunken shout in the middle of the night…or a simple joke among friends that turned out to be the most promising platform for promoting local talent we have seen in years?

No one knows what it is, but it’s provocative. It got us going.

by Snezhana Bezus from Sofia

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Yvein Monq - Brainfreeze
2 years ago, 25 June 2012  ·   5 notes

Yvein Monq, the Budapest-based ethereal beat-o-naut, has a new vid for his track “Brainfreeze” taken from his EP Post Apocalyptic Codex X (of which you can find out more in an interview). 

Here is our audio interview with the man for our weekly Radio Wave show:

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How does the Dark Side of the Sun sound like (by Jakub Nox Ambroziak)?
2 years ago, 20 January 2012  ·   3 notes

Jakub Nox Ambroziak is a prolific producer with several releases under his belt. His latest offering, released on the label Seventeen Bricks, is called Dark Side of the Sun and consists of dark samples, synths and tells a story about the dark side of the most brightest planets, the hole in the sun and strange noises.

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Dark Side of the Sun by seventeenbricks

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