Selectone’s Dead Grooves
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More than a year after the EP of the Foma duo, the Czech electronic label Ressonus, which usually does so on a sporadic basis though always accompanied with carefully prepared limited edition CD and download artefacts, announced a new release. Coinciding with the straightforward techno-industrial record of the American project The Agromaniac, which was inspired by Harlan Ellison’s post-apocalyptic novella “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream”, is also the new material of Selectone, a project of the label head David Rambousek, whose history dates back to 2004 and the Mufonic imprint.

Rhizomatic Sounds came out as a split with Neutrino and together with the following Czech-Slovak anthology Out Of Place Artefacts vol. I could be seen as a statement against the dance scene in favour of dirty and fragmented experimenting. “I prefer working with atmospheres and emotions to stylish sounds. I try to breathe life and an inner dimension into music.(…) I like sonic impurities, lo-fi and wasteland electronics, confronted with subtle moodscapes, created on synths or acoustic instruments. I sample a lot – from purely natural and everyday sounds, to noise, old vinyl records, church organs, chants and random voices of random people.” (as mentioned in an older interview with Nika77 for

Selectone's 2007 record Unearthed developed in a rhizomatic system, incorporating elements of glitch, click’n’cuts and recyclation. His latest record, Dead Grooves, extolls the circle movement: literally. Shaped by the revolution of the used shellac records and magnetic tapes as well as multiple recollections of his own, shelled recordings created in isolation. “Crucial was that I recorded it at a time when I lived in a haunting small town on the Polish border and spent most of the time being alone, which probably led to some strange mental states…” With his method – let it be, so that something alive would engender from the dead sound – Selectone somehow comes close to Czech turntablists Birds Build Nests Underground. Nevertheless, here focused finishing touches to the material and another thing, the proximity of the “locked” grooves and myths (Automaton, Solaris) with non-cyclical elements, such as guest vocals of Miriam Ingram in Dead Swan or the dub-inflected rhythmics of the space in Positive Einstellung. The fascination with side effects and micro-sonic textures, which accompanies the project from the very beginning, as if veiled the whole record with a constant membrane of rain or crackling of fire – depending on which substance is closer to your consciousness – setting another distance from the focal point of this aural anémic cinema.

by ondrej parus (red for colour blind)

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B.ATL - SKTCH EP /aka a glitchy disorientation, electronics exploration/
1 year ago, 14 February 2013  ·   2 notes


When we visited Macedonia’s capital Skopje, the punkish Kanal 103 radio, located in the socialist remnant of a building surrounded by a police station and a hooker strip, it seemed like the place where anyone making anything worthwile sonically, congregated. Running their own shows, playing concerts, etc.

One of the guys who works there is B.ATL, part of the Disphilharmonia collective, IDM inspired dissonant digital noiseniks. Here, he comes solo with a broken, glitchy offering, which recalls the heyday of the genre in the 90’s, but somehow follows its own path, to disorienting, almost lucid effect.

Free download.

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Autemu - This EP
3 years ago, 16 May 2011  ·   34 notes

The Macedonia musician Nina Georgieva aka Autemu makes music that cannot be heard that often these days anymore. Intricate electronic beats (in a Tobias Schmidt/Autechre/Plaid kind of way), dark atmospheres, claustrophobic moods, glitch and IDM but also melodies - all that can be found on Nina’s latest ep This out on the German netlabel Crazy Language as a free download.

And since we’re already speaking about Macedonia - it’s our next stop in our audio travelogue, the first one since our Hungarian expedition in October last year, so stay tuned for words, images and sounds:) and if you’re based in Macedonia and are making music or running a label, organizing concerts, get in touch :) 

Autemu - L-R by PayPerSecond

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Various Artists - Zvukolom (LOM, 2011)
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The idea for the new label LOM dedicated to "unknown or forgotten experimental artists .. mostly [from] Eastern Europe" was born during the Spring/Summer 2010. Its brain, the Slovak activist turned sound-artist mrkva, currently a sonology student at Den Haag’s Royal Conservatoire has put together an impressive roster of projects, that really range from the forgotten to the new & up-and-coming.

With the exception of Bratislava’s experimental éminence grise ::.: and his projects 1/x and Angakkut, all the artists featured on the inaugural release - a compilation called Zvukolom - are thus having their first release out, even though some, such as PRLN have been active in the field for more then a decade. The newcomers include Andras E.G. Csefalvay, whose conceptual and intertextual approach in his own artistic practice can be felt also on the tracks selected for the compilation, or Unbending Intent - a psychonaut on a darkambient sonic trip into the lower layers of the Self. Happy B-Day LOM !


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