Zomblaze - New Age (2013, Chi Recordings)
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We featured the Hungarian beatsmith Zomblaze on our first compilation back in 2011. His sample and bass-heavy abstract hiphop was released by Chi Recordings last year. Now he is back with 6 more tracks.

New Age EP presents a more mellow side of Zomblaze’s production, with lush, almost jazzy vocals on the first track Breath Deep, followed by smooth and deep grooves of the cinematic Stratosphere, pulsating night-time uncertainty of the Lynch Theme, culminating with the emotive and nostalgic banger Hundian with Zomblaze’s trademark messed-up and twisted synths rising and falling from a Hungarian folk song.

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Zomblaze - Machinstruments Vol​.​1. (2012, Chi Recordings)
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For fans of the deeper spectrum of abstract hip-hop and zombieish bass music, we present three splendid cuts courtesy of Chi Recordings that showcase the production of our Budapest-based friend Zomblaze (his track 21 was included on our first compilation).

Balkan Kannibalizm by Zomblaze

Coming from the realm of hip-hop, his production uses sampling, scratching, heavy bass and hip-hop’s pulse, but moves further into industrial and experimental sonic territories, never without a catchy sample or vibe. 

Machinstruments Vol.1. is a selection of Zomblaze’s past works, with more recent ones coming as Vol.2. We are looking forward !

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Hazy Memories - Out Of Place (self-released, 2012)
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Hazy Memories is a project by a 19-year producer from Husi in Romania. His debut EP Out Of Place is an exquisite entrée onto the Romanian beat scene, where a young generation of producers like Montgomery Clunk, Minus, Polochord or ViLLΛGE further explores the sonic territories of glitch/hip hop, wonky, bass and club-oriented electronica.

Out Of Place is a relaxing, soulful EP whose hazy nostalgic mood is sometimes almost meditative. Its first two tracks I Got You and She’s My Autumn, flow with a slow bass pulse, and the Burialesque percussions on the latter one remind us of Nocow's Pulkovo Heights minus the dark, brooding athmosphere. 

4. Sleepwalk by Hazy Memories

The laidback sound continues on Star Projectors, that borrows influences from juke and its way of working with vocal samples. The chopped and looped vocals are overlaid over smooth, relaxing ambient synthlines to a great effect. The biggest hit of the EP is however the emotional Sleepwalk. Starting very inconspicuosly, with reverbed guitar chords against a backdrop that sounds like the crackle of vinyl, it later drops a touching bass-heavy atmosphere with a wonderful key-progression on top of it.

Hazy Memories' EP Out of Place is out now as a free download

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3 years ago, 7 September 2011  ·   5 notes

Introducing Zmikeo! - the repetitive, synth and bass-heavy production of the 24 years old Milos Petrovic from Serbia, our latest obsession.

Zmikeo-Empty recycle bin by ZMIKEO!

Zmikeo!'s tracks have the lo-fi angry and unpolished quality that could be ascribed to grime, it's only that Milos comes from Belgrade and not a suburb in London. However with the recent sound of instrumental grime the comparison is not so far-fetched - Zmikeo! is a self-proclaimed dnb-head with an affection for hip-hop.

Zmikeo- Zmajkovo kolo! by ZMIKEO!

Make sure to also check Zmikeo!’s other beats: http://soundcloud.com/zmikeo

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Biotrick = Biomat & 3ck
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Slovak dj/turnablist duo Biomat (member of the Bratislava’s BWO collective) and 3ck (godfather of the first .sk turntablism compilation Audio Graffiti) have just released their “100% scratch” Biotrick EP.  Check out the stunningly evocative atmospheres, beats & wordcuts on this dark and heavy, bass oriented EP on the Ajlávmjuzik netlabel operated by the slovak hiphop culture netmag Artattack.sk.

Biotrick by biomat


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