Eastern Daze & Baba Vanga on Berlin Community Radio
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2013 in Serbian music by Nikola Vitkovic
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Nikola Vitkovic is a Belgrade-based promoter and label owner at Nauk, musician himself as the wonderful Magma Trakt and an overall expert on what is hot and what not in Serbia. Joking, he simply just has a good eye and ear for worthwhile music - old or new.

Serbian alternative scene has always been too safe. A typical local underground figure is a cool self-assured urban male student, who takes himself too seriously, but still has no guts nor madmanism it takes to make an impact with music. Striking a serious pose seems dandy, but without craziness and passion and adventurism, it won’t get you far.

Year 2013 finally spawned out several female fronted bands who unscrupulously swung an axe into this lukewarm male narcissism, showing once and for all that being cool is not cool. Here are some of them:

Za Pokolj Duše is a kindergarden of bastards of all ages. Apart from virtual demonic pipe organs and occasional Tibetan growls, they play bafflingly simple garage punk, with abused lyrics and riffs stolen from mainstream pop rock, enhancing only worst sides of it - and of their bad selves. With such conservative instrumentation and source material, their self-exploitation of the rock genre is more radical, shocking, liberating and adventurous than any experimental / avantgarde project around. They might disagree, but what sets ZPD leagues above other exploitation acts is the lack of irony - they are rather self-ironic. It is a culturally incorrect mazo-torture porn feast, which turns the lack of agenda into the agenda, at the rate of 20 hits per 15 minutes [weather hits are ‘songs’ or ‘ananas-vodkas’]. And all that with an honest necrophile’s psychic hard-on.

Aranka Makoš I Plaćene Daviteljke from Subotica and Bačko Gradište is another kind of beast. Although equally primitive and anarchic as ZPD, there is something primordial in their non-violent endlessly long [2+ minutes!] math kiddy progressively idiotic punk poems which always speed up and down, up and down. This cavewomen duo often sounds like 7 limbs playing together - not because they play masterfully, but quite the opposite - because they make so many mistakes - and that is exactly what makes them so unique. If they had an album, it would sit neatly on your shelf with Bada Dada and similar Hungarian primitive dada-punk. Cool listeners beware: this is the most instant brain-and-dancefloor cleaner of the season.

Some alternative musicians’ persistence on professional approach to playing, performing, presenting and selling their music. Sure, it’s nice to secure yourself a place in a hierarchical pyramid of showbiz if you can, where the artist is above the club and where everything has a price tag. But such capitalist mentality has no place in true underground, because it turns its back on private no-budget initiatives, no-budget promoters and no-budget audience [that’s just 99% of the audience].

To see Serbia’s most secret deity Weapon God finally come out in public and release his dub-glitch-minimalistic gesamtkunstwerk in form of 40 x vinyl box. Well, you asked for “wishes”… So let’s keep our eyes on A Hogon’s Industrial Guide and No Basement Is Deep Enough!

You can read his 2012 tips here.

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SFA005 - Zelený Antoin
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Recorded at our Easterndaze event in Brno in 2011, and in summer 2013 at Bratislava’s FUGA, a psychedelic, post-punky noise-driven journey into disquieting sonic realms, is now being released as a free download by the Czech netlabel Signals from Arkaim. The audio instantly brings recollections of the dinghy environs of the Boro club, where Antoin unleashed his psychedelic voyage, on a bleak autumn night. Rewind to 2013, and the live set, devoid of the nocturnal environs, stands as an epic set that oscillates between post-punk through ambient and noise.

Get it here.

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Bangeliz - Mixtape /mik musik, 2012/
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If you need a summer soundtrack, here is one. Bangeliz, the new Vangeliz, has a brand new mixtape out on Mik Musik. A woozy journey through hazy, dubby, post-punk and ethereal sonic territories make it a rather sentimental but none the less pleasant ear ride. “I take all but on the other hand too much and so now the music in the world that bad, but it may well do so that myk like every song is not mine but that I found and stolen but then the ego is telling me no what you Iwona too-no telling what you get ashamed of because it’s a good sign and your no, and yes I do!,” is how he inanely explains his endeavours - presumably with the “help” of google translate. And then the synth-driven sweet melodies and beats emerge form the depth of the 13th chamber and lead you into buyoant dream territory.

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Ela Orleans delves into the Polish past
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If we were not from this region, we would also probably throw in together Ela Orleans, a Polish lofi chanteuse informed by post-punk and Maria Minerva, the Eurotrash and dance music inspired Estonian producer with a penchant for retro as in “Eastern European lofi girls making it in West” (as has been recently inadvertently done by one NFOP writer).

Ela has been inspired by the rich Polish musical heritage (she’s lucky she comes form a country whose music scene actually and arguably thrived during communism) even though, as she says in an interview with NFOP: “I could rarely express any enthusiasm for Polish bands then (and even more so now). Brygada Kryzys was one of the few exceptions. They looked cool, they went to art school, they were beaten up by the police, and most importantly they played and sang as well as my favorite Western bands.”  She has several released under her belt including a split with Dirty Beaches on three labels Night People, Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar.

Ela, an artist and musician, released her debut High Moon, Low Sun in 2008 on the Italian label Setola di Maiale and has since travelled the world and music with releases on French labels like La Station Radar or BEKO. 

Below is Ela’s cover of Brygada Kryzys’ song Take My Hand  taken from her new LP Mars is Heaven and below that a video from NEO PI-R LP, her latest release on Clan Destine Records.

ELA ORLEANS “Take My Hand” from la station radar on Vimeo.

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