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2011 in Serbian music by Vuksa Velickovic

Published January, 2012
by Easterndaze

Vuksa Velickovic is a writer, UCL alumni, editor of the Bturn magazine focused on promoting the music, culture and style of the Balkans and a general man about town. Here he divulges what rocked his world in ‘11 and what has 2012 got in store for him.

What’s the highlight for you in Serbia’s music scene?
It’s hard to talk of a “music scene” in Serbia, but there are some small ‘artistic communities’, groups of people that interact, collaborate and generate some new stuff. The electronic scene is not very active production-wise, but when something comes out, it can be pretty good. The new project by Jan Nemecek and Piece of Shh under the name of Brickwall Brigade has a very tight and fresh sound, with a quite of an edge to it.

Brickwall Brigade – Live @ Exit Festival 2011 by Brickwall Brigade

All Things by Jan Nemecek

What is the low point for you in Serbia’s music scene? 
The termination of Belgrade’s Dis-patch festival.

Discovery-new artist of the year /in Serbia/?
The above mentioned duo Brickwall Brigade. A good merge of bass, techno and more dub-infused rhythms.

Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2012?
Lots of love, food and better sound systems!