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2011 in Slovak music by Filip Drábek and BWO

Published January, 2012
by Easterndaze

Another of our yearly recaps this time with not one but two perspectives on the Slovak music scene. First Filip Drábek from the Exitab label, one of the most active imprints in Slovakia in terms of independent music at the moment and second one is a collective answer from the BWO collective, purveyors of urban dance music in the country.

What’s the highlight for you in Slovakia’s music scene?
Following the relatively turbulent year 2010 when quite a lot of interesting projects emerged, at least in my opinion, the “scene” experienced a sort of hiatus when it comes to new names. On the other hand, a lot of projects from the previous year delivered their proper debut releases: Pjoni & Ink Midget’s album, Gwerkova’s record as well as Jelly Belly’s EP. The opening of the new cultural space stupiště 1-12 in Topoľčany is also one of the highlights, connecting music, arts and film with the public space of a bus station exposing passers-by to indenpendent culture.

Gwerkova – NADA by gwerkova

What is the low point for you in Slovakia’s music scene?
The strange circumstances surrounding the loss of the independent collective A4’s Bratislava space. Interestingly, their theatre performances will take place in the premises of the Polish Institute in January. The fact that the Polish provide asylum to Slovak artists in Slovakia’s capital is nice, but sad at the same time.

The Tabačka independent cultural centre in Košice in the east of the country had some funding problems in the beginning of the year and the situation surrounding the European City of Culture 2013 project in the same town is also appalling. The dissolution of the Bratislava-based band Hvozd was also one of the low points of the year for me.

Discovery-new artist of the year /in Slovakia/?
The biggest current discovery is not Slovak, but Bratislava-based English producer Aches who brilliantly merges his woozy guitar strings with beats in an abstract-shoegazy way. The audiovisual project Lowii is also promising. Finally, I’ve managed to check out the Žilina sludge duo Möbius who together with Prešov-based Dawn To Come have managed to lay the foundations of this type of music in Slovakia over the past few months. I also liked some of the releases of the Senica-based hip hop label Tvoja Matka Rekorc, such as 31’s debut EP.

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>Fine Tongue EP by Aches</a>

Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2012?
I would be glad if our label managed to maintain the busy release schedule of the last year. It would be also great if other labels started to be more active or new ones appeared. I would appreciate if A4 could find a new space and Tabačka and Stanica in Žilina would keep up their good work and people would stop being scared of going to gigs to the Obluda club in Bratislava.

I’m looking forward to the electroacoustic solo LP of Pjoni and the debut EP by Dawn To Come and hope that Teapot and Herzog Herzog will manage to finish their albums, too. It would be nice if I would know about a Slovak release that I couldn’t wait to hear but wouldn’t be on our label. Youcoco perhaps?

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>Dawn To Come EP by Dawn To Come</a>


What’s the highlight for you in Slovakia’s music scene?
Lot of parties with music, which a few years ago were in a minority in Bratislava (urban/dubstep, post-xy, dance music in general). Also, the increasing number of collectives around various genres, pop-up events at off spaces (studios, bars, flats), interesting and globally listenable local digital releases. 

What is the low point for you in Slovakia’s music scene?
Lack of venues, overabundance of similar events (see above), events clashing on the same dates, less people going to events, the ratio of attending guests on social networks vs the real attendance in clubs (more FB attendees than actual party-goers)

Discovery-new artist of the year /in Slovakia/?
Bad Mojo, Gwerkova, Dawn To Come Klic – Arp (Bad Mojo Remix) by Bad Mojo 

Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2012?
Spend less, create more and learn.