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5 seconds of: Crime:Scene Compilation 13

Published April, 2012
by Easterndaze

The beginning of a song can preclude whether it will be carved into my sonic memory or whether my musical consciousness will bin the said tones forever. 5 seconds is a minuscule amount of time for a composition to unleash, a nano teaser of what is to come, or not. Sometimes the beginning fails to live up to its promise, sometimes its the complete opposite.

Crime:Scene Compilation 13 “dark and weird music from the Balkan region in Europe” is the latest compilation of the label crime:scene, focused on the darker echelons of electronic music from the ex Yugoslav region.

For the time being, we’re doing a compilation every 3 months, it’s always different. Some compilations are regular, some have a subject, and some are cover/remix compilations. Compilations are not our main interest though – we release only underground and alternative bands from ex-Yugoslavia region,” says Mihajlo Obrenov, chief inquisitor from crime:scene records.

You can download the compilation here and find out more information about this kind of music from the Balkans here.