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A i w A scares At the Window

Published July, 2013
by Easterndaze

Another mysterious project appeared on the roster of Budapest’s prolific synth label Farbwechsel. The latest addition to the imprint is called A i w A, a producer with hidden identity yet strong artistic concept. A i w A is “damaged goods”, as the white masked described his own project after his recent debut show at Farbwechsel’s label night on Budapest’s A38. However the name refers to the Japanese electronics company, to A i w A it also “symbolizes a certain era with all the angular cars and neon signs”.

The album At The Window – conveys a mood dedicated to the Roland TR-505 and the late 80s and early 90s horror/B-movies: “’fuck, there is somebody at the window’ on a lone night… The story is about A i w A and his actions. It involves a lot of driving and creeping around people,” as says himself. Basically the album can be described as soundtrack for a fictional movie: “the 90s were the heyday for these genres to me. Samples help to build the tension which is the chief point of the whole A i w A project.” says and goes more into detail “Most of the tracks were made for specific ’scenes’, there are various moods/locations/actions they try to illustrate. Some tracks were written for the main line of the story (usually the ones with more synths and less samples) and others for the background (like the music you hear when the protagonist passes by a gas station or something).”

A i w A – At The Window by Farbwechsel

by Andras G Varga