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And last but not least: Banská Bystrica

Published July, 2010
by Easterndaze

En route back to the capital, we stopped in Banská Bystrica a picturesque city in central Slovakia. As we crossed the lush landscape, and stopped at a Salaš (sheepfold) for bryndzové halušky we’ve noticed the abundance of the xenophobic Slovak national party (SNS) billboards – guess they have most of their voters here, the tiny strip of „real“ Slovakia – unlike the South and Southeast that are predominantly Hungarian.

We checked the works of students of the local Arts Academy (AKU)– leaving us slightly nonplussed. After Bystrica, off it was into rainy Bratislava again. Rain turned out to be a constant during the Slovak travels. The media explained, that weeks of rains that were followed by large floods were caused by the Icelandic volcano.