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Andrej Danóczi – 13 0410

Published June, 2013
by Easterndaze


Andrej Danóczi is a lone runner of the alternative scene in Trenčín, Slovakia. The spectrum of his activity is wide, he makes commercial music but also challenging experimental collages, often in lo-fi, amorphous areas. His work is characteristic for recycling ready-made sounds – “bastardácie” (bastardisations). Andrej Danóczi is also the co-founder and member of the group “Analog Apple” (2005-2011).

His psychotic musique concrete pieces are taken from the period spanning between 2004 and 2010 and are released by the archivist/documentation project CS Industrial, that gathers and now also publishes various obscures gems from Czech and Slovak industrial/experimental/outsider music scene of the last thirty years. Danóczi’s 13 0410 is a melange of sounds, noises, field recordings, Slovak radio bytes, screeches and whatnot, an opulent journey in the vein of Cage’s Williams Mix with some ethereal psychedelic passages. 13 0410 by ANDREJ DANÓCZI