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Bangeliz – Mixtape /mik musik, 2012/

Published August, 2012
by Easterndaze

If you need a summer soundtrack, here is one. Bangeliz, the new Vangeliz, has a brand new mixtape out on Mik Musik. A woozy journey through hazy, dubby, post-punk and ethereal sonic territories make it a rather sentimental but none the less pleasant ear ride. “I take all but on the other hand too much and so now the music in the world that bad, but it may well do so that myk like every song is not mine but that I found and stolen but then the ego is telling me no what you Iwona too-no telling what you get ashamed of because it’s a good sign and your no, and yes I do!,” is how he inanely explains his endeavours – presumably with the “help” of google translate. And then the synth-driven sweet melodies and beats emerge form the depth of the 13th chamber and lead you into buyoant dream territory.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>BANGELIZ – MIXTAPE by BANGELIZ</a>