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Batcha de Mental: I try to express the delicate feelings of an unborn kangoroo retard in a Balkan ZOO

Published December, 2010
by Easterndaze

Batcha de Mental is a deranged musical alter ego of Slovak designer and musician Alex Gutrai. He will play live at the impending Easterndaze gig at Stanica in Žilina in Northern Slovakia on 10 December. Be scared.

Who is Batcha de Mental?
He’s an evil character with a sentimental twist. The legend says his grandfather was the dentist of Jozef Tiso – the president of former nazi Slovakia. Batcha de Mental ihnerited Tiso’s wisdom teeth which he implanted in his own gums and therefore gained supernatural powers with which he terrorizes the Eskimo nation… But beside that, he likes to make music to bang your head against the wall and cry about the beauty of baby dolphins.

You recycle Slovak national songs as well as 80ties communist pop. Why?
I like to do stupid things.

What is your aspiration musically? What are you trying to say through music?
I want Rytmus (the multi-million Slovakian rapper) to beg for my beats, so I can turn him down. In my music I try to express the delicate feelings of an unborn kengaroo retard in a Balkan ZOO.

What should people expect from you in Žilina?
Internal bleeding.

Mad world (bdm kalafuna smell mix) by Batcha de Mental