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b.aTL: Gentle Mind EP

Published November, 2011
by Easterndaze

The title of b.aTL’s new record is slightly misleading, although for those in love with fucked up broken structures, twisted beats, squelches and squeaks, there’s no denying of this sonic quality. Released on the Macedonian label Greenfields, an online platform for music, photography, graphic design, illustration or new media, Aleksandar Baldazarski’s latest release reaffirms his affinity for IDM-inspired sonic structures, spearheaded by Autechre, but injecting it with his own aesthetic.

Aleksandar is a member of the fledgling laptop ensemble Disphilharmonia, active on the Skopje scene and the brilliant radio Kanal 103 which we had a chance to visit (check back here later for a podcast of our guerrilla style Kanal 103 takeover and some words about the Macedonian electronic/experimental music scene)