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Biedopad’s 2k15 PL underground

Published November, 2015
by Easterndaze

Out of the bona fide hyperactive Polish sonic underground, BDTA is the wonderfully odd standout – releasing anything from Bulgarian field recordings to a number of idiosyncratic records by the likes of Fischerle, Wsie or Bartek Kujawski. Uncompromising and weird (not in a premeditated way) is their ethos. From obscure electronics to ordered cacophonia, exotic samples and sounds, BDTA doesn’t shy away from anything. It’s not fixated on any particular format when it comes to releasing music either – from CDr’s to tapes to digital and beyond, the most important aspect is the accessibility and affordability of their music to the listener. 

In mid November (12 – 14 November 2015), BDTA’s label boss Michal Turowski is curating a festival in Wroclaw, featuring the creme de la creme of contemporary Polish underground. There’s the multifaceted and acclaimed Piotr Kurek (whose recent “dance” oriented Heroiny project also deserves attention), there’s Mirt, who’s modular noodles are reminescent of another great Polish producer Wilhelm Bras, or the acid housey Palcolor. The eclecticism of Turowski’s label taste also manifests in the programming of the festival – affectionately entitled Biedopad – aside from electronics, there’s also the noise rockish Zlota Jesien, one of the highlight’s of this year’s OFF Festival, apparently. 

This compilation is not only a testament to all the great music that will be presented at this festival, but also to what has been produced in Poland over the last couple of years.