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Binmatu: Sound sounds, it isn’t.

Published May, 2013
by Easterndaze

Sound that is perceived per se, with all its physical features and emotional effect on the listener, who perceives it as something subliminal, that goes under one’s skin without the need to rely on melody or harmony. Binmatu “is a ‘priest of sound’, delivering complex air pressure modulations towards ears, presenting certain degree of divine experience – connection with higher powers. Compared with regular priests, BINMATU uses visuals and sound – direct touch on a distance." 

BINMATU @ NEXT festival 2012 from Jonas Gruska on Vimeo.

The project of Slovak sound artist Jonáš Gruska, who studies at the Institute of Sonology in the Haague, rather relies on the physical and mental experience of the sonic, its transforming powers and properties. It is an audiovisual project, which is best experienced in a live context, augmented by visuals and volume. The sound is strong and confident, a fluid medium, which defies stasis, and is never the same, simply "sound sounds, it isn’t”.

Crystylys is out now on Ukrainian label Kvitnu.

Crystylys by Binmatu