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BNNT´s guttural sonic battle

Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

BNNT is a project of Konrad Smolenski, one of the masterminds behind the Pink Punk collective, a loose association of like-minded musicians and artists active across Poland. An affable and enthusiastic musician and artist, whom we met on a scorching summer day in Warsaw, maintains the collective´s free-floating connections and ethos. Thus, it is no surprise that he collaborates with the “members” of the said group in his artistic endeavours, such as Niwea and Kot member Wojciech Bąkowski, who is featured here with his dead-pan vocals.

One such is BNNT, a guttural sonic warfare, an intense delivery. The music is described with track titles such as: Ethiopian-backed Somali government troops surrounded Mogadishu, Explosion at the football stadium in city of Grozny, killing the Chechen Republic Mufti – Akhmat Kadyrov.

Sound-wise, it hovers between noise and math-rock, with relentless drum armistice and opaque soundscapes, a formula that remains relatively straight-forward but retains its urgency throughout. An anti-soundtrack for carefree summer days.

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