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Cashmere x Easterndaze #3: Outernational Days, Khidja & Evocative Objects

Published February, 2018
by Easterndaze

On this live edition of the Easterndaze show, we talk to Dragos Rusu, the founder of the Outernational Days festival in Bucharest, as well as the Attic magazine. Khidja, a now Berlin-based duo of Andrei Rusu and Florentin Tudor (both also born in Bucharest) joined us, alongside Bratislava’s Andrej Kabal, a music promoter, musician, and founder of the Evocative Objects tape label. We touched upon the so-called “outernational condition”, discussed on the Attic magazine, describing the dichotomy of the centre vs periphery (international vs outernational). Eastern Europe and its musics being in the outernational sphere, subverting its peripheral position and creating its own trajectories. Plus, plenty of music selected by each of our guests.

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