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Daniel Kordík / Tobiáš Potočný – INDPORT (LOM, 2014)

Published November, 2014
by Easterndaze

LOM has started a new series called „Fields“ and right off the bat, its first release offers two Slovak musicians, both of them members of the Urbsounds collective, one of the first Slovak experimental labels with punk flavoured ethics. Daniel Kordík (also one half on rhytmic noise duo Jamka) has previously released field recording album covering sounds of Syria. Now he is joined by Tobias Potocny, also known as noise enfant terrible RBNX. Indport is a release covering two separate territories, once ruled by the Portuguese – Portuguese India and Portugal itself. The aim of this split is a conceptual comparison of two different territories once bound together by same ruler.

Obviously each of the contributors has a slightly different approach towards recordings of the environment. Daniel’s side focuses on various sounds, ranging from the sound of the waves, birds and even the recording of local disco event with loudly Gangnam Style playing on huge sound system. Sound of birds is opening and closing his part, letting listener to dive into complex sounds of the nature, muezzins with really nice attention to the sonic details. Kordik leaves sounds flowing by themselves without any obvious manipulation, creating longer collages with nicely picked moments creating a real atmosphere. You can also hear bits of some discussion regarding women rights in Portuguese India, jumping to sounds of the nature and city seamlessly. The composition is not disturbing and the huge number of moments happening on recordings makes you want to rewind them and listen to them again and again. The sound itself is rich and detailed enough to hear basically everything that Daniel wants you to hear. Kordik’s recordings are more traditional takes on lessons in field recordings, still with nicely crafted atmospheres and carefully picked moments. A nice sonic diary.

Tobias’s tracks are different as he uses effects and loops to a larger extent than Daniel. His recordings from places like Lisboa, Lagos, or Porto Covo focus on small details, that are repeated and heavily effected. They don’t lack his really specific sense of humour which is based on takes of people humming, talking and it’s more about specific details looped and effected together, focusing on human speech and little details in the language. The first track is basically someone talking in Portuguese giving you hint how you should listen to the album, if you don’t speak this language, then it’s up to you to dive into the sound of the language itself.

I would say that this second part is not as sonically strong as the first one, most probably because Tobias is sometimes bringing out the „trashy“ sounds to the forefront of the mix, placing an emphasis on speech and weird hissing, minimalistic ambiences more than is the case in Kordik’s part. Finally, the last track offers us sounds of the nature, however it ends with violent blast, most probably the sound of a rifle. This part has slightly introverted feel. Still it is an interesting sonic experience with humorous situations, which is not about environment of those specific places as obviously as the first part. One thing is for sure in both cases: headphones are highly recommended.

By b.arctor
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