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Dark Side of Pop

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

Compilations have increasingly become a medium of choice for many labels these days, a quick and easy way how to put up loads of tracks by loads of producers without a need to release separate EPs (we’ve been part of the game too we admit with a new comp coming out in next couple of weeks:). But eventually the more good music gets exposed, the better. 

The fledgling Polish netlabel Cowshed Records has a new comp out (check out the previous one here). Originally focused on the much-maligned microgenre witch house, Cowshed rec. is spreading its musical scope into other related macabre aural territories (be it Kate Bush-esque vocals, to dubtech, to dreamy excurcions to techno), and their latest compilation, aptly entitled Dark Side of Popis only a sonic manifestation of this. It features a diverse array of Polish producers, from the established like Pleq (who delivers a surprisingly witchy number), to newcomers like Ebola Ape who has a nice collaboration with Fuka Lata’s Lee DVD to the Luxembourg import Sun Glitters.