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Download Few Quiet People’s promo sampler

Published February, 2011
by Easterndaze

Few Quiet People is a label from Poland. Despite it’s unassuming name, it has a grande plan: “To drive the repetitive sounds into the direction of pop.” Mainly chartering the neo-classical and ambient landscapes, Few Quiet People releases stuff by not only Polish, but also Japanese and other artists. As a taster for the 2011 release plan, they have a free promo sampler out that you can download here.

1. Krzysztof Zimmermann – Waiting for the Answer (part 1)
2. Tomasz Bednarczyk feat. Adrian Klumpes – The Sketch Pt. 2
3. Yu Miyashita – An Arc 5
4. Stefan Wesołowski – Shipyard
5. iN. – Alone with Everyone
6. Wong King – Lost
7. Szymon Kaliski – As Miniature
8. con_cetta – Bacterio Captium
9. Nejmano – u I n
10. Krzysztof Zimmermann – Waiting for the Answer (part 2)