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Easterndaze x 2019 presents Voodoohop

Published November, 2019
by Easterndaze

The Brasil-Berlin cultural underground activist collective Voodoohop pioneered the new Latin American downtempo sound. Though it was started in Sao Paulo, Brazil, their party series has since expanded to a Berlin outpost with events appearing regularly around town at different venues creating a multi sensory
tropical cabaret. Mixing Brazilian traditional heritage mix with ritualistic performance, the collective transforms spaces from abandoned buildings to natural hideaways.

Voodohop is joined by Bucharest’s Pardaiz on 29/11 at Arkaoda – FB event here. 


Based in Berlin, Paulete aka Tina Scarlatina, is a trans-multidisciplinary artist who transits between photography, video, edition, graphic design, painting and performing creation. Researching the possible meanings of trans-boarding, crossing from virtual and material productions and trans-gender identity themes. Being an immigrant and for that compulsively creating strategy of how to break barriers. In the performance and visual fields creation along the years of bringing experimentalism, political acts about relationships to the encounter of entertainment. 

KUPALUA (live) 

Kupalua is always in transit. There’s no trace of morals or frontier. It’s simultaneously extra-terrestrial and earthly-physical-corporeal. Travels from the interior of the pussy to outer space in the speed of light. There’s no separation between nature-culture or body-cosmos. What is root and what is synthetic. Rooster, frog, rain, melodic voice, synthesizers, microphones and processors. The body’s construction as prosthetics and light depict the sonorous landscape. Laser prothesis are making contact with us and with outer-space while every matter flows through timbers that leaves us given over to estrangement. I don’t know where I am when I listen/see Kupalua, if I’m under water or if I’m suspended, weightless, timeless, without story, without clothes. It’s a journey completely inside of sound waves.
by Julia Rocha


Born and raised on the core of on the Brazilian African culture, Urubu learned early flapping her wings in rhythm. Before meeting the machines she met the drum skina persona that grew within Voodoohop parties and journeys. From that to a big digging into psychedelic metling with the Brazilian most folklore sounds, loads of vibrating skins, wooden samples and oscillators. Since then, she has frequently travelled and performed in many countries and also through many cities around Brasil, developing each time a broader and diverse exploration of all corners of the music spectrum.

CAROLINE BARRUECO (visual installation)

Digital artist & tech geek. At Voodohop, Caroline makes visual installations and set design.