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Easterndaze x Berlin 2019 presents Conditional

Published October, 2019
by Easterndaze

Conditional is a record label dedicated to forward-facing electronic and computer music, established in 2015 by Calum Gunn and based in Berlin, Germany. Releases are primarily disseminated on cassette tapes, but have included vinyl, CDs, lanyard, t-shirts, video games and posters. A monthly two-hour radio broadcast airs on Resonance EXTRA.

The Conditional label showcase will take place on Thursday, 28 November at ACUD in Berlin, alongside Tallinn’s Serious Serious. 

Steph Horak & Renick Bell

Steph Horak and Renick Bell first played together live in Bristol on 26th November 2016. Whilst their means of production may be different, the methodology of improvised, realtime composition on self-programmed systems is what unites these artists.

The pair have developed a fluid sound that marries the ideas of error and chance, all whilst delivering danceable extended sets with uncanny references to modern forms of electronic club music, with a live vocals PA. Horak notes her interest and surprise in understanding where the line between person and machine is in these systems, often noticing that moments of pure and accidental synchronicity occur when she is least in control of her system, and wondering if she is responding to Renick in that moment, or the things Renick commanded his system to do several moments earlier.

Jennifer Walton

Jennifer Walton’s recent ‘White Nurse’ EP on Mutualism channels their frustrations as a fan of Power Electronics, a genre constantly flirting with fascist imagery. The EP instead proposes a more constructive and critical aesthetic, pointing towards the Xenofeminist manifesto as a collection of ideas allowing for transcendence of the current state of gender and body politics that is often tied down in ideas of what is ‘natural’ and therefore ‘right’.

WHITE NURSE by Jennifer Walton

Daniel Katinsky

Glasgow, Scotland’s Daniel Katinsky exhibits a startlingly unique new voice with complete mastery of their tools. Staccato bursts of precisely-modulated synth solidify with chemtrail delay lines and pinpoint percussion laid down using generative and chance-based software to form a captivating whole. Recent releases on Conditional and New York Haunted are testament to Katinsky’s singular sound.

Digital Concrete by Daniel Katinsky