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Easterndaze x Berlin 2019 presents Tallin’s Serious Serious

Published October, 2019
by Easterndaze

Serious Serious is a label/collective based between Vienna and Tallinn. Their roster varies from cut’n’paste maestro Ratkiller, to existential beatmaker Benzokai and several artists from the Tallinn underground. They will present three artists from their roster at our Easterndaze x Berlin event on 28 November at ACUD Macht Neu (Ratkiller, Benzokai and Kisling).


The sense of worn-out psychedelia in Ratkiller’s music as well as his obsessions with all kinds of obscurities might ring many bells in listener’s imagination, but it is foremost the playful dialogue between “zeitgeist” and “obsolete”, the constant shifting of forms and their meanings, that leaves us wonder – how does something so unimportant and unsexy ends up being so stimulating and cool?

Mihkel Kleis (aka Ratkiller, Edasi, and most recently Court Rat) has been releasing music under numerous underground labels since late 90’s, witnessing and shaping the forming of Estonian experimental music scene, all of this while maintaining his distinctive and somewhat obviously unexpected approach.


Kisling is a regular at Vienna’s underground music gatherings thanks to the brave experimentatorship and intensity contained in her sets. Kisling’s compositions often transcend logic of a certain style or genre –– like fashion, they combine parallels that are not easily imaginable.


Benzokai’s way is that of drum, bass and unfriendly rapping.

Listen to their Cashmere Radio mix on our monthly show with tracks from Lolina, Kisling, Jacob Samuel and others!