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Easterndaze x Cashmere

Published December, 2017
by Easterndaze

We are starting a new collaboration with Berlin’s experimental radio Cashmere. Listen to our first show below, exploring the topics of capitalism, geography, with plenty of new/upcoming musics from our friends and beyond.

An audio collage, replete with interviews and sonic ephemera from the intrepid travels of Easterndaze around central and eastern Europe.

Listen to the show on Cashmere’s website or via the player below.


Alley Catss – ⎲⎝ ⎞⎲ ⁀ ⁔⎲(Daddypower, 2017)
Dwellings – Capital Anthem (upcoming on Red for Colour Blind)
Alley Catss – Diary (Daddypower, 2017)
Tatabánya, Hungary 2017
Byala beach, Bulgaria, August 2017
Skype interview with low income $quad (excerpt)
Nagrobki – Eskalacja Smutku e​-​moll op. 1 (BDTA, 2017)
Czarny Latawiec – A Love Supremme (BDTA, 2017)
Admina – Destroy Patriarchy 
Izabela Dłużyk – Call of the night (LOM, 2017)
Interview with Cristian Bowie (Varna, Bulgaria 2017)
Antitelo – Opservatorija-Eksatza (NAUK, 2012)
Mrtvi – Sound C128 (NAUK, 2012)
Mazut – Sheffield (BDTA, 2017)
Ratkiller – Nasty Travesty (Rotifer, 2017)
Byala beach, Bulgaria, August 2017
Byala, Bulgaria, August 2017
Umbra – Rampant (Baba Vanga, 2017)
Umbra – Pedal (Baba Vanga, 2017)
Grupa Etyka Kurpina – Chapter 1 [ppt41] (Pawlacz Perski, 2017)
Fausto Mercier – Neural Unreal (Exiles, 2017)
Fausto Mercier – Unreal Neural (Exiles, 2017)
Stílus Együttes / Style Group – Téli Tavaszváró (Demo)
Authorized personnel – Lucy Bradley
Ewa Justka – Satan is Raving