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Ela Orleans delves into the Polish past

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

If we were not from this region, we would also probably throw in together Ela Orleans, a Polish lofi chanteuse informed by post-punk and Maria Minerva, the Eurotrash and dance music inspired Estonian producer with a penchant for retro as in “Eastern European lofi girls making it in West” (as has been recently inadvertently done by one NFOP writer).

Ela has been inspired by the rich Polish musical heritage (she’s lucky she comes form a country whose music scene actually and arguably thrived during communism) even though, as she says in an interview with NFOP: “I could rarely express any enthusiasm for Polish bands then (and even more so now). Brygada Kryzys was one of the few exceptions. They looked cool, they went to art school, they were beaten up by the police, and most importantly they played and sang as well as my favorite Western bands."  She has several released under her belt including a split with Dirty Beaches on three labels Night People, Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar.

Ela, an artist and musician, released her debut High Moon, Low Sun in 2008 on the Italian label Setola di Maiale and has since travelled the world and music with releases on French labels like La Station Radar or BEKO. 

Below is Ela’s cover of Brygada Kryzys’ song Take My Hand  taken from her new LP Mars is Heaven and below that a video from NEO PI-R LP, her latest release on Clan Destine Records.

ELA ORLEANS "Take My Hand” from la station radar on Vimeo.