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Evocative Objects: Bratislava’s new tape label

Published April, 2017
by Easterndaze

Bratislava’s music scene is vital. There are several noteworthy producers, projects, clubs and lately also labels. Let’s mention the sound-art-oriented LOM run by avid field recordist, musician and synth-maker Jonáš Gruska, the more club-focused Proto Sites or the experimental noise staple Urbsounds, run by the eponymous collective. The latest addition to this thriving sonic topography is the tape label Evocative Objects, run by musician, DJ and promoter Andrej Kabal and musician Dominik Novák.

Could you introduce your label?

Andrej Kabal: Our label is based in Bratislava. Aside from me and Dominik Novak, we also work with our great graphic designers Ana Chaosdroid and Nenad Brankovič. We want to focus on tapes only, and release multi-genre music. It won’t be only electronics, nor guitar music nor any cutting edge concept though.

How did your name “Evocative Objects” come about?

Well, mostly because we wanted the label to have a physical form. The fetish of the physical is also involved. I think it’s important that our listeners don’t perceive the music only in a virtual form. These ‘evocative objects’, which we will be releasing, should evoke something. There is a story hidden behind the physical object, which the music creates.

What about your music dramaturgy?

We’re trying to release music across genres with a psychedelic slant. I wouldn’t like to categorize it as some stereotypical psychedelia. It’s about a specific approach to music or a result, which would have psychedelic qualities. I would like to stress a certain connection of various more or less dark vibes. We don’t want to only release local producers nor release music that would copy some trends. I don’t like the fast turnover of various genres and trends.

You have recently released your first release, by a project called The Blackwood Incident.

It’s by Dominik Novak, but several people are involved. It’s Dominik’s track collection, each of which has a specific vibe. I think it’s a decent abstract ambient release.

Does the label reflect the Bratislava experimental scene as such? Could you talk about the context that spawned the imprint?

I don’t think our label reflects any experimental scene per se, because an experimental scene these days is about something else than releasing abstract records. We also plan to bring out non-Bratislava-based producers, such as the Prague band Pretty Old Sound, which is a sort of crossover between Jandek and Johnny Thunders, or an album by Budapest noise-rock duo Céh, which sounds as if Steve Albini was reborn in Hungary. The context behind our label is simple – we are all musicians who had a feeling this kind of label is missing in this area. 

Curse of the Tribe by The Blackwood Incident