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experiencia pura® by low income $quad

Published July, 2017
by Easterndaze

low income $quad is a Croatian imprint, operating since 2015 as a DIY project rather than a business, without any fucks given, as it’s self-proclamatory title implies. It’s focus lies firmly on the dance floor, embracing its gritty corners, full of detours and delineations while sticking to the 4/4 formula. Aside from local producers (as in Croatia and its environs) such as Christian Kroupa and (label boss) Strahinja Arbutina, they have released the likes of Drvg Cvltvre, Pan Daijing, Kareem, Giant Swan, etc predominantly on compilations. The format of compilation as such offers diversity (obviously), but also a sort of narrative that takes one from more offbeat, atmospheric realms to the more relentless ones. Their latest comp, LI​$​008, ventures into various sonic topographies, from house, techno, acid, even breakbeat, starting off with the eerie S. English track Microfilm 2 and fading out with Buttechno’s mellow mmm rec

LI$008 by low income $quad