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Extraterrestrial: Jonáš Gruska – CAA#9

Published August, 2013
by Easterndaze

Jonáš Gruska is an Institute of Sonology graduate, runs the LOM label and creates music under the Binmatu alias. His latest release comes courtesy of the Russian label Cyland Audio Archive on polycarbonate squares. The three-track album is a voyage into outer spaces, especially pronounced on the first track, sometimes even reminescing of UR’s Discovers The Rings of Saturn offbeat passages. The music was made in an analogue studio in Hague, as well as a home-made modular synth. Thus sounding organic, fragile, alien.

We are visitors
to the studio with use
of analogue tape machines.
We hear fast moving
but harsh musical patterns
derived from the analog
equipment mixed with
contrasting slower patterns
governing the processes
of growth and aging.

CAA#9 by Jonáš Gruska