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Fat Kid Beny: It’s hard 2 b a rapper these days…

Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

Fat Kid Beny and Hyphy in Belgrade, 2k11

FAT KID BENY, the founding member of Belgrade’s “domestic rap” posse RAP CAT$ has gone solo. With the release of his latest batch of synth&dirty tracks and raw beats that Beny and his friends call “rap music” we asked him for an interview. A sole survivor on a “sinking ship” of a city, this is his manifesto. At times dark and gloomy, Beny’s flow documents the desilusionate no-outcomes feeling, felt not only in Serbia but almost everywhere we traveled or stayed. But that’s life, yo. And maybe there’s the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least we hope so. Now listen.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>OPEN YOUR EARS by FAT KID BENY</a>

Tell us a little about yourself please.

High, it’s me fat kid beny, “if u don’ kno’ me by now i doubt u’ll ever kno’me" #KRSONE"I just write some of the word i write the way i write them" #DOSEONE (pardon my french) I thought that school is over, i wear skinny jeans and listen to rap since i kno’ 4 myself, people say i look lik jesus (still learnin’ how to turn water into wine), my favorite color is fluorescent pink #nohomo, sometimes i’m watching fox life with girls, always wanted to be a garbage man, never change my jeans i even drink my coffee on usa rap slang, "i’ve got that middle aged rapper blues” #SOLE If u wanna know more follow me on twitter

What would you say is the main difference between RAP CAT$ and FAT KID BENY ?

Basically it’s a same shit i just don’t have a HD video 2 post on my tweeter feed 😀 hahahah, just a joke #42 I ride alone now, it’s easier that way, it’s still a raw sound like always, it can’t b different, i just don’t ask nobody and i don’t care about other people’s opinion, never did, i forced HYPHY to make music cause he was always with me and it was good, but when i’m alone it’s much more experimental, i like 2 go crazy sometimes and he’s more like, following rules type of guy, so often we had like mad discussions cause i didn want 2 put a funky jazz vibe in our genre and he’s into that 😀 I miss that muthafucka, it was kinda yin & yang

It’s not that we r like Joy Division or some famous band, we r still here on this planet we r still friends just looking at a different sky right now, so it’s hard 2 think about makin music, they all got jobs now, MILKSHAKE is on his own preparing some dope shit. Can’t wait 2 hear it. Who knows maybe HYPHY never come back or maybe i’ll go somewhere also. I’ll keep doin my shit where ever i am, at least, hope so.

You are involved with graffiti, tatoos, art & music. Can you survive like that in Belgrade ?

HOW MUCH MONEY U NEED JUST 2 B BROKE ?! haahahah u can survive here if u have money already by birth, i never planed anything so i didn’ plan to do this also it’s just came 2 me, these r the thing i enjoy 2 do it’s a hip hop yo it’s street life, Jesus is bigger than money. u can not rely on that shit, it is possible if u r ready 2 sale yo’r ass cause nobody wanna buy yo shit if it’s not wrapped up nice. U need 2 adapt 2 people here and i don’ wanna do things that everybody like 2 hear or see, it’s just a shit that i do, “if u dont like it obviously this wasn’t made for you, so fuck you!!" #COMPANYFLOW My mother told me "b different always b different son” and father told me “the less u know the better 4 u son”.

Name 5 things that inspire you right now..

5 things that inspire me right now, hard one yo, there is nothing that inspires me to do shit, maybe sad life, dissatisfaction, irony and sarcasm ? 

there is no positive feedback son, i’m still alive doin’ shit 4 myself cause i’m bored as fuck here, it’s very inspirational fact

but if i need 2 spell that than it goes like this :

1. my dogg dolly
2. my skateboard
3. my mad collection of markers 2 destroy all city
4. my BF (best friend) aka my muse (u know who u r 😉
5. and of course clear blu sky

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>LIFE IS ONE OF THE BEST by FAT KID BENY</a>

How does Belgrade change for you ? Ever thought of moving away ?

Hm hm hm i don’t care much for this shitty ass town no mo’, like 2 Pac sad “i see no changes all i see is racist faces” fuck all that man, life really ain’t that long, there’s a lot of #NKOTB, hey, they made couple of new benches i heard some rumors that on the spring we’ll have a H&M LOL, but i need some fresh water 2 drink if u follow me what i’m sayin so far, i don’t wanna wait all my life 4 metro yo, who want 2 live in the city that never wake’s up? in general it’s a sinking ship and i’m waiting. My closest friends left so it’s time 4 me to shine a bit, heading toward limelight. #EGOTRIP Don’t have any special plans i read my books from the end cause i don’t like surprises. Your home is where your heart is. I wanna see a palm tree before i die. USA top of the food chain 😀 it’s funny cause it’s true. This party ain’t over. “I’M GONNA DIE LIKE A ROCKSTAR” #DANNYBROWN

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>SHOW MUST GO ON by FAT KID BENY</a>

What is the ideal setting to listen to ur music ?

U think u r ready 4 this ?
Think twice if u have a weak stomach.
I don’t make music u can dance 2,
this is not pop music, ain’t no r’n’b
i make my own bed, no breakfast, no toilet paper.
Don’t compare me with nobody.
Don’t complain about sound quality unless u r involved in music making
(that shit i respect)
Put it on your mp3s or i-poors whatever shit u got there.
Play it loud YO.
“Don’t let my music bother just knock yo’r heads it’s aint that complex” #SOLELEARNIN2WALK
Try 2 hear it, it’s easy 2 listen but it ain’t inaf.
This is not collage i don’t have time 2 teach u
it’s gonna b plenty of time 4 u 2 learn.
Man, it’s so hard 2 b a rapper these days…