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Published July, 2011
by Easterndaze

Following her debut EP Parttalan, the Budapestian lofi-queen Piresian Beach releases her debut LP Fuck Your Mind. You can get it from the download link below, or on her Bandcamp. Big up!


** Premiere – Piresian Beach – Fuck Your Mind LP **

I’m proud to announce yet another album I have been given the honor of releasing. Last year, I helped Piresian Beach release her super-fuzzed out, garage noir EP entitled “Parttalan”. Today, she’s back with a 10 track album, “Fuck Your Mind”, which you can download exclusively here!

The swamp-fi, space-noir elements still make an appearance, yet there’s more of a flirtation with 60s punk-garage aesthetics. Throughout the first half the drums pound out a warning as her signature, reverb drenched vocals accompany the swirling, moaning, chainsaw-esque guitar work. It is more primeval, harder, and more defiant. There is a sense of security in knowing she’s about to destroy you – steadfast in her resolve to to own you, drag you own into the murky abyss. She shrieks, coos, and purrs, her dark and guileful vocals seducing and coaxing you. And as it draws to a close, there is a sense of foreboding, something wicked, sinister, is about to unravel. One thing is clear, she’s still as beguiling and bewitching as ever.

Get the LP here

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