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Foundling – Wake up in Bits (Proto Sites, 2014)

Published November, 2014
by Jakub Juhás

Not so long ago the Slovak Publishing Exitab launched into his world and a well hidden secret child born in silence, from one day to the next. Its sublabel Proto Sites adopted almost naturally a status of a platform aiming at a more abstract position of electronic music, the area that is open for far horizons, and in which it is possible to repeatedly spend time. This clearly indicates the direction for the future, accruing similar projects, atmosphere, space in a single nebula with a unique sound and artwork.

As a fitting manifest or zero point appears the EP of EGA, followed up by the project Foundling courtesy of Jonathan Fox, working between the UK and Bratislava. The album titled Wake up in Bits is a re-release with a bonus track I Crawled the Earth. In the context of Proto Sites it is a step to get the March seed of Exitab to a place where its poetics would be much more pronounced and at the same time reinforcing the concept of the emerging label.

Already from the initial track Unformer, it is possible to feel the path of intuition in its purest form, which Foundling prefers to pre-designated concept. The exploratory nature of the listener gives way to a blind following of waves and horizontally shifting structures. The listener can foretell where it will all lead, what is in the beginning, what comes after the last tone. That would be a fatal mistake, however, missing the gradually amplifying details which can be omitted during a shallow listen.

This article was supported by the Intenda Foundation.