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Fuka Lata and their Saturn Melancholia

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

The high priestess of sonic melancholia Lee DVD and Mito Day have delivered their “romantic space songs” on a new record fittingly entitled Saturn Melancholia. Last year, the duo appeared on the Krakow-based label Audiotong with an EP Other Sides. Thus, comparisons are on on hand. The new album reflects their burgeoning live shows. More buoyant (beats) and in a way also pop-inflected but still imbued with their trademark melancholia haze – as if they run the tracks through some Saturn effects processor. Whereas Other Sides was the experimental introvert, Saturn Melancholia is an extroverted introvert.

Saturn Melancholia is out now in Fuka Lata’s label Kondico.

Saturn Melancholia by Fuka Lata

Our interview with the band about the record for the Radio Wave show.