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Gdansk’s young blood

Published September, 2010
by Easterndaze

Our last day in Gdansk was quite eventful due to a meeting two local musicians – who are as similar as they are different. Michal Hoppe is a 24-year-old musician and biotechnology student. Sporting fresh holiday tan, Michal spoke about his two projects – his solo post-rock act No One Wished to Settle Hereafter and Enchanted Hunters, a band composed of several members – including Filip “Fight!Suzan” who we unfortunately never get to meet (but who nevertheless sent us a preview of his new album and its just great!).

11 Fight!Suzan – Youth Jugend by easterndaze

Interestingly, when I talked to Borys from Nasiono Records the previous day, it seemed that this group of people is not yet so integrated in the Gdansk’ scene, perhaps opting for global rather than local. The young generation is still oriented towards the West, looking for inspiration and audience.

08 – No One Wished to Settle Hereafter – Scarce Christmas by easterndaze

The encounter with Jacek Kulesza couldn’t have been more different. The vivacious musician with an image of a French magician told us about his musical modus operandi – he became known as the guy who plays with the suitcase and has Guns’n’Roses member play on two of his tracks. As we listened to Jacek’s deep drums in his car and as he spoke about his plan to go to the States next year and drive through the untamed landscape, we realized that it was time for us to go too – albeit not to Athens, Georgia but to Poznan, Poland.