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Grobbing Thristle’s Other

Published November, 2011
by Easterndaze

It interesting how this geographical sonic mapping works. Now it seems to be focused on Poland somehow – at least in the last three articles that is:) The case in point today is the ‘new’ record by Poznan based psychedelic wyrd freaks Grobbing Thristle whom we also had on our compilation which you can still download for free here.  Anyway, I digress. Grobbing Thristle released a stunningly haunting album in September 2009 entitled Hidden Strategies.

Two years later, an equally macabre refashioning of the album has seen the light of the day. Hidden Strategies: other encompasses different – sometimes only slightly – versions of the aforementioned album, which seems even more experimental and playful but not one inch less dark.  There’s something masochistic but also fascinating about artists rediscovering their own work. With Grobbing Thristle, it also might be a sign of more things to come. 

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>Hidden Strategies: other by Grobbing Thristle</a>