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Published February, 2011
by Easterndaze

Hungary is going through a bit of a bedlam what with the controversial new media law and government that behaves as it suffered from amnesia. Recently, there have been clampdowns on clubs and music events as the “promoters of evil drug culture”. Sounds like 1984? Somehow, as is often the case, the music thrives in the dark times, as we’ve seen in the case of Hungary. Another band redefining how far can lo-fi go is Gyurcsány Sára (perhaps a dig at the Socialist politician Ferenc Gyurcsány?). Check out their ultra short and ultra distorted tracks on the Csókolózni fiúkkal EP.


Gyurcsány Sára – Csókolózni fiúkkal EP

01 Csókolózni fiúkkal
02 Mizu mizu nincs isten
03 Uszoda
04 Egyiptomi varjú
05 Igen-igen