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Identity Problem

Published May, 2011
by Easterndaze

VERTINSKY PROJECT from Jakub Lech on Vimeo.

Identity Problem (IP) is a collective of Polish artists based in Wroclaw who work with theatre, music and video. So far they’ve worked on a project about the Russian composer and singer Alexander Vertinsky, for instance. Currently, they’ve been working on a theatre piece “Farinelli” about the last castrato which should be premiered in Wroclaw’s Theater Teatr Polski. Aside from theatre, they are also performing as live acts with music and visuals. The music side of things is taken care of by Bogumil Misala who indulges in dubby soundscapes, sampling and distorted vocals. For updates about their work in progress, go here.

Psycho Jah – Ice Cube mushup by IP(identity problem)

5:04 am. Dictaphone by IP(identity problem)