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Imre Kiss – Midnight Wave /Farbwechsel, 2013/

Published October, 2013
by Easterndaze

Farbwechsel has become a staple and a nurturing umbrella for several up-and-coming Hungarian producers, acting as a catalyst for the diverse and noteworthy Budapest electronic scene of the last two years with Martin Mikolai at its helm, who produces music under his moniker S Olbricht. The Opal Tapes artist has also created a specific sound – hazy, dance-oriented and nostalgic, which have also been translated on the output of his own imprint. This is only reinforced with their latest record, the aptly entitled Midnight Wave, is a journey through nocturnal electronics, hazy and ethereal, lingering in the fissures between the consciousness of the day and unconsciousness of the night. 

I was around 13 when my dad bought me some obscure music making software, at about same time I’d been studying Verdi’s Aida at school. I thought it would be fun to make a remix of it which ended up sounding like some mental rave. I made a tape of it and took it back to school the next day. My music teacher hated it but I never looked back,” he told us in an interview. And indeed, he hasn’t. Certain musical practices, like sampling, feature in his latest record as well. Kiss’ output oscillates between the /narcoleptic/ dance-oriented and the ambient-like listening stuff, and mixes and merges in between. Thus, perhaps it could be called the “4 AM wave”. The EP also includes remixes by fellow lo-fi house-head Best Available Technology.

Imre Kiss – Midnight Wave by Farbwechsel