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Interview with ptr1

Published April, 2011
by Easterndaze

Producer Piotr Dabrowski is one of the most talented producers from the burgeoning Polish bass/dubstep/future garage scene. His music is decidedly deep and warm with killer bass enveloping his tunes. Introspective, even Burialesque but also dancey. His EP Above the Structures has been released on the acclaimed Polish moniker Concrete Cut. ptr1 will also play at our showcase in Prague at the Sperm Festival on 24 April.

When and how did you start producing music?
I started producing around 2002. I just got a computer, installed Jeskola Buzz and some simple vst´s and learned how to use it. Before that I only played guitar a bit. A lot has changed since that time, I’ve been using a lot of software and also hardware, often analogue and quite unique… I’ve built my own little home studio and I also work as a sound engineer, mostly on classical and jazz concerts…

You are from Plock in Poland. Can you describe the place?
Plock is not a big city and unfortunately it basically doesn’t have a club scene, though some talented producers and musicians live here. One of the highlights is the Audioriver festival that takes place every summer.

Can you describe the history and present of the Polish bass scene? Do you feel part of it? Is it a scene as such? Are there any new producers to watch in that scene?
The scene is not that big, but definitely it grows and evolves all the time. I do feel a part of it though I wouldn’t like to be perceived as only a dubstep/bass music producer. I experiment with many genres even now and once those productions see the daylight some people may be a bit surprised… As for other Polish producers I’d like to recommend the rosters of Concrete Cut, U Know Me Records, New Moon Recordings... some of those people have become rather well known now – like Teielte, Tom Encore or Think – and really don’t need my advertising. Watch out for new productions from Shoju, the duo who actually run Concrete Cut but also produce great, deep music. Hatti Vatti also exploring the deep and dubby side, Blackleg from Czestochowa makes a lot of quality tunes, Substep Infrabass with his very own metal-influenced style… just to name a few.


ptr1 – warmth by ptr1

Can you tell us about your latest release?
That’s actually my first bigger release – Above The Structures, a 5 track EP containing also 2 remixes by artists mentioned above, Shoju and Teielte, released by Concrete Cut. It’s basically my vision of deep bass music, some call it post dubstep, others future garage, but as I’m getting a bit allergic to all those new genre names I just like to call it a mixture of deep dubstep, dubby electronica, 2step, with a bit of techno. There are analog synths on this one as well as guitars I recorded. Those tunes are not dancefloor killers, this is rather the kind of music that requires in-depth listening, but it often works quite well in clubs thanks to the garage-inspired beats and deep analogue bass… I’ve also done some remixes now: for Płock-based experimental artist Krojc, and this one is going to be released on vinyl quite soon on his label InnerGun, also for Tom Encore, Substep Infrabass, Teielte… more is on the way.


ptr1 – Above The Structures by ptr1

What can we expect from PTR1 @ Sperm?
You can expect my live act based on my Mac and controllers, including my productions, remixes, some improvised re-edits… Deep stuff, diverse beats and of course bass…

What are you future plans?
Some further remixes and a second EP for Concrete Cut which should be available in a couple of months. Also, I’m already working on the concept of my full album which should be ready by the end of the year, at least I hope so…

PTR1 – COMATOSE by Concrete Cut

ptr1 – drive by ptr1