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Jacques Kustod – Trois Visages EP

Published May, 2012
by Easterndaze

Following his mesmerizing debut last year, the now Bratislava-based Jacques Kustod returns with a synth-driven triple journey into various sonic cosmic territories. We asked Jacques to shed some light on the inspiration and process of creation of his latest EP Trois Visages, which you can download for free.

Earth Gravity Trick

I produced this tune in the beginning of this year, after I returned from a concert in Prague, where some nasty things happened, which were caused by myself also. I was devastated by this sudden turn of events and I didn’t leave my house for three days. I was listening to loads of synth-based and krautrock stuff. I wanted to combine those two elements into one working piece and this is the result. The field recordings in the end are taken from my balcony in Brno and you can hear my cat Jonas meowing and asking for food. This is a peaceful place which I’ve really enjoyed and recorded loads of field recordings there, because of its unique position in the vibrant ghetto Cejl in Brno and it is supposed to represent the final peace and escape.


T-740 represents the number of days since the beginning of my most intense and complicated relationship. The entire track is a sort of guide through this period of my life with some darker intermission before the end. Aside from that soul lead sample, the vocals were recorded by myself and there is also a hidden joke with autotune on reverbed vocals in the middle part of the track. This track is dedicated to that person,  she doesn’t know, though we are friends now.

The Stone Tape

As I also have another project called Zeleny Antoin with a background story of a relationship between Jacques and Antoin, this serves as some possible clue of kinship among those two characters, as they hate each other. Zeleny Antoin is my platform for darker, sonic experiments verging on noise, lo-fi, hardcore techno and metal aesthetics. My new Bratislavan flatmate Adam played trumpet. We used a very poor mic, which lent it an even better atmosphere. I just love lo-fi tactics )

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