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Jacques Kustod vs Zelený Antoin

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

The dualistic entity Jacques Kustod vs Zelený Antoin is a sonic schizophrenic project by Brno-based Andrej Kabal who has been busy lately with the anti-ACTA compilation DADA ACTA (together with An Chaosdroid). The story goes that the siblings were separated at birth and hate each other. Both revel in dark sonic journeys either in galaxies or Carpathian forests, which is channeled into their sonic output – spacey and hazy in Jacques’ case and dark, noisy and relentless in Antoin’s case.

Both of them have some news – Jacques Kustod a remix for the Czech band Teve and Antoin a video from the upcoming release Posledná Dávka Ketamínu na Planéte Zem /The Last Dose of Ketamine on Planet Earth/ whose cover was done by the one and only Batcha de Mental., who rocked our party a while ago.