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Jonáš Gruska: Nocturnal oscillations for one

Published December, 2012
by Easterndaze


Jonáš Gruska is the man behind the fledgling LOM imprint, a platform for all kinds of outthere sounds, digital noise and unhindered experimentation. Following their split release /read our review here/, a “high-frequency” trading music, Jonáš delivers his “Nočné oscilácie pre jedného” /“Nocturnal oscillations for one”/, a mellow analogue journey conducted in the studios of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where Gruska studies. The release follows up on the famous tradition of electroacoustic studios of the yesteryear, the CRM’s or Radiophonic Workshops of the past era.

The leitmotif of the EP is solitutde, one can envisage the author sitting quietly and sternly in this venerable institution, tweaking the knobs and trying to extract life out of these moribund machines, a nice change for Jonáš, who usually works with digital technologies.

Nočné oscilácie pre jedného by Jonáš Gruska